Southwest Airlines Employee Login

The Southwest Airlines Employee website provides a secure portal for the employees of Southwest Airlines to track their work schedules as well as access other employee benefits and services. The SWALife website is also accessible on mobiles and can be accessed by a SWA ID and password which are only provided to employees. The website does not allow new users to sign up through the site.

How To Gain Access To

Every airline provides a secure employee portal for the employees to login and connect to their virtual workplace. It is essential for airline employees as they are spread in different locations and are unable to clock their work timing at office locations. For employees on the go the Swalife portal has been created by Southwest Airlines. The process to log in is given below:

  • Go to and enter in your  SWA ID and password which would be given to you by your hiring manager.

You can check out your work schedule, send company emails and find important updates and employee benefit services on this portal. These are the essential functions that are provided on this portal for the Southwest Airlines employees.

About Southwest Airlines

Southwest airline is one of the major airlines operating in the United States. It is also the largest low cost carrier in the world. The Airline was started back in March 1967 as the Air Southwest Co.  When the Air Southwest was started it was faced by so many challenges, the biggest one being a legal action. The three mar airlines that were operating in Texas; Braniff, Trans-Texas and the Continental airlines started a legal action that wanted to stop the Air Southwest from providing the intrastate services. The legal action took three years to be solved and at the end of it, the Air Southwest was given the right to fly within Texas. The decision was made final by the Texas Supreme Court in 1970.

In the year 1971, the Air Southwest Co. decided to change its name to Southwest Airlines. After the name was changed the airline started operating flights from Dallas to Houston and Dallas to San Antonio.

In 1979, there was an amendment that was known as the wright amendment which restricted the nonstop flights from Texas to other neighboring states. In 1974 however the restriction begun to fade and in 2006 the amendment was repealed. 1n 1978, the Southwest Airlines begun the interstate flights from the Dallas love field airport to other destinations after the airline delegation was introduced. This move did not sit well with some of the groups that were affiliated with the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport. The groups decided to push for the Wright Amendment through the Congress to restrict the flights. The amendment was upheld and the Southwest airlines and other airlines were barred from operating from Love filed to other destination across the Texas border. In 1997, however there was another amendment, the Shelby amendment that allowed flights from Texas to other states like Alabama, Mississippi and Kansas. After the Amendment the Southwest airlines started operating the nonstop flights to Alabama.

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