About Us

About Us

OurGeeks.com provides simple, easy to follow guides for a diverse range of online services. As more and more companies more their application procedures and account management services online it is increasingly important to understand how to navigate around their websites with ease.

Our team of web geeks write short profiles of all the companies we list followed by a short but detailed guidance on how to use their online services – this is usually how to use their web applications, how to login to one of their online services or how to access and complete their online surveys quickly. Many companies are listed more than once as we aim to publish a guide on all the most popular services they provide (i.e. we often provides separate guides on how to apply to different credit cards even though they are being offered by the same bank).

Our Aim

Our aim is to become a hub for all ‘how to’ online guides where users can feel confident that the information we publish is accurate and up to date. We cover a wide range of different topics – the main common theme is that all the guides are for performing certain tasks online.

How We Work

We visit each of the sites we write a guide for and note down the steps need to get the required outcome. We try to write this all down in a shot simple step by step format. We also do some research about the company or service we are covering to give you some background.

Our Team

Our team has grown to include some of the best writers/geeks in the categories we cover. They love getting down and dirty with the detail to ensure each procedure published is accurate and no steps are missed.

Contact Us

All of the articles & guides published on www.OurGeeks.com is written by us apart from the brand logos and article images. We are not associated with any of the companies mentioned and all the products and trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

OurGeeks.com claim copyrights of all written content published on this website and any form of copying or use is strictly forbidden without our prior approval.

Please contact us at admin @ ourgeeks.com if you have any suggestions, questions or details of inaccurate guides. If you are a member of one of the companies we have written about and want to report a copyright of our branding policies please contact us and we will resolve any issue asap.

Meet the Team

Dylan English bio picture

Dylan English

Chief Editor

When I first started writing, I was working in journalism. I had just finished college with a journalism degree and I thought that’s what I wanted to do with my life: be a big-time journalist. But that’s a stressful career path and there was just a lot of negative work I didn’t enjoy. Only bad news and drama sells, right? 

To find a more positive job, I began freelancing for various web publications and was surprised at how quickly I began to enjoy it. Working for Our Geeks is a dream job for me. We write about topics that are important, and it’s rewarding work. Contact me at denglish@ourgeeks.com

Callie Levine bio picture

Callie Lavine

Junior Editor

In High School, my passion was athletics and I wanted to play college football. However, during the last game of my senior year, I was diving for a pass in the end zone when I tore up my knee. After three ACL surgeries, I knew I had to find another passion and I found it in writing. 

While in college, I got a degree in technical writing. This paved the way for the kind of writing and editing we do here at Our Geeks, and I love my job. Contact me at clavine@ourgeeks.com