Participate in Bed Bath & Beyond Special Offers

Bed Bath & Beyond offers customers a chance to create a gift registry wherein they may personally select the home decor, or any item within the store, that they’d want to receive as a gift. Bed Bath & Beyond’s gift registry can be accessed online but customers are also provided the option to select the gift items they’d want personally in any Bed Bath & Beyond store as well.  Aside from the gift registry, Bed Bath & Beyond also grants special offers to both new and loyal customers.

About Bed Bath & Beyond
Founded in 1971 by Warren Eisenberg and Leonard Feinstein, Bed Bath & Beyond (B3) is a chain of retail stores that primarily caters domestic products and items. Headquartered in New Jersey, US, B3 stores are all over USA, Mexico and Canada. As the name implies, the majority of items sold in B3 are bedroom and bathroom necessities and add-ons. However, all stores also continue to provide dining room and kitchen products. Bed Bath & Beyond is listed in both Forbes 2000 and Fortune 500 as one of the top and most lucrative retail stores in the world.

How to Participate in Bed Bath & Beyond Special Offers

As a sign of gratitude to its new and loyal customers, B3 now offers special services and rewards. The only thing you need to do to avail these special offers is to be an e-club member. The only requirement needed to join the Bed Bath & Beyond E-Club is a valid email address.

  • Go to Bed Bath & Beyond homepage (check related link below).
  • Answer the Email Sign-up form that you can find at the page’s bottom side.
  • Make sure that all of your answer is correct, particularly your email address. This is the only way for B3 to contact you if you win one of the store’s special offers.
  • A 20% off coupon for a single item purchase will be given to you if you’re a first-time e-club joiner. To use the coupon on your next B3 visit, make sure to print it.

Every now and then, check the emails sent by Bed Bath & Beyond to see if you’re one of the lucky customers to get a special reward from B3.

Helpful Link and Info:

Bed Bath & Beyond Homepage:

Bed Bath & Beyond Customer Service Hotline: 1-800-462-3966 (1-800-GO-BEYOND)