Take The Best Online Surveys That Give Rewards & Prizes

Surveys often offer a win-win situation for both the consumer and the business owner. It gives the business owner the chance to find out what their strengths and weaknesses are, while giving the chance for consumers to earn a few prizes along the way. In order to give customers an incentive to give feedback many companies offer rewards and prizes. They either offer small discounts to every survey participant or they enter all participants into a sweepstake with the chance of winning big cash prizes.

Here are a few of the best online surveys that offer great  cash rewards and prizes.

Complete the Best Buy Survey and Win $5K

mytlc.bestbuy.com How to Join the Survey

  • Keep the receipt from your purchase at any Best Buy store. The receipt will give you three sets of codes that you will need to access the Best Buy Survey.
  • Visit the Best Buy Survey page by clicking on this link: www.bestbuycares.com.
  • Once on the survey’s homepage, choose the language that you prefer by ticking the appropriate box.
  • You will notice three boxes marked Group A, Group B, and Group C. Check your receipt for the codes that correspond to each box and carefully enter the numbers in each designated space.
  • You will also be given links to the Best Buy Official Sweepstakes Rules, list of sweepstakes winners, and the Best Buy privacy policy. These are found at the bottom of the page.
  • Once you have gone through all the information and filled out the spaces with the necessary information, click on “Next”.
  • You will now be led to the survey proper. Answer each question until you reach the end of the survey.
  • Once the survey is finished, you will be given an entry to the raffle that would give you the chance to win a $5,000 Best Buy shopping spree.

About Best Buy Best Buy is every consumer’s one stop shop for their electronic needs. With over one billion website visits and 600 million in-store visits annually, it has retained its position as the world’s biggest multi-channel consumer electronics retailer, with stores not only in the United States and Canada, but in Mexico and China as well. Because Best Buy believes in meeting and exceeding customer expectations, Best Buy gives their customers the chance to express their opinion on any products and services that they get. Through the Best Buy survey, customers are able to say what Best Buy is doing right, and what the company and their stores should improve on.

Helpful Links and Info Official Website – http://www.bestbuy.com/

Customer Service – 1-888-BEST BUY (1-888-237-8289)

Email Address – onlinestore@bestbuy.com

Sign Up for Cabela Deals & Coupons

www.cabelasclubvisa.comIf you love to hunt, shoot, camp, or fish, chances are you will find great deals at Cabela. This is one site and a chain of stores dedicated to such gear and equipments. If you love the great outdoors and wish to make the most of it, you will be able to do so by signing up for Cabela’s online discounts and deals. The best way of knowing when the discounts are on is to sign up for a membership account on this site. The membership comes for free, and also offers many benefits. You will be able to purchase, autos, television, footwear, cable, clothing as well as different gears for pursuing different hobbies. There are different kinds of deals that are ongoing in this site. You can make use of free shipping or promo codes to get the best out of every purchase.

How to Sign Up for Deals and Coupons All you need to do to gain access to deals and coupons is to sign up for a Cabela’s account. Simply register for an account through www.cabelas.com by clicking on “My Account” on the upper left part of the page and giving the information needed. Once your account has been created, you can start enjoying special deals and discounts through your membership.

About Cabela’s Cabela’s incorporation is categorized as a specialty retailer and direct marketer of hunting, camping, fishing, shooting, and related outdoor recreation merchandise. The company is headquartered at Nebraska. Founded in 1960 the company went public in 2004. It is known to have grown appreciably and its revenue is over one billion per year. This company is a strong contender in the outdoor recreation sector. And its revenues have been climbing steadily every year. The earnings per share have gained appreciably in 2013. The company comprises of a real estate market called Trophy Properties LLC, Gun Library for buying and selling new and used firearms as collectibles as well as Outdoor Adventures which offers different items for hunting and fishing trips.

Helpful Links and Info Official Website – http://www.cabelas.com/

Customer Service – 1-800-237-4444

Take Part in the Indigo Feedback Survey

http-::www.chapters.indigo.ca:home:People who have purchased items from Indigo (!ndigo) can now have the chance to take part in their survey and get the chance to win prizes. Indigo is running a Feedback Survey contest where customers can provide feedback and take home prizes that may be in the form of money or other fun items like music players. This is to show that buying items from Indigo is beneficial to their customers and it is an effective way for the company to gather data regarding their services. There aren’t any strings attached with the Indigo Feedback Survey and filling up a survey form is indeed all it takes. However, people who wish to take part in the survey need to have bought stuff from the company otherwise they are not eligible for the survey program.

How to Join the Survey Visit www.indigofeedback.com end enter the information found on your receipt to gain access to the survey proper. You will be required to select your prefered language (French or English) and select a receipt you have so choose the one which is appropriate (Either Indigo or Chapters). Once this is done, answer all the survey questions until you reach the end. Completion of the survey means earning an entry and getting the chance to win an mp3 player or a cash prize.

About Indigo

Indigo is known for specializing in selling magazines, books, and music collections. They take great part in providing perfect customer service because their aim is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. This is the whole reason why they have come up with the Indigo Feedback survey since it gives them a chance to find out more about their products and customer service process.

Customers of Indigo can take part in the feedback survey for a chance to win fabulous prizes and it also gives them a chance to tell the company what they think. They welcome all comments good or bad since it helps them improve. Customers who join in on the survey may win monetary prizes or top of the line mp3 players. The survey runs every day.

Helpful Links and Info Official Website – http://www.chapters.indigo.ca/home/

Home Office – 468 King Street West, Suite 500, Toronto, ON M5V 1L8

Contact Number – 416-364-4499

Take the Meijer.com Survey

meijer.comHow to Join the Survey Go to www.tellmeijerrx.smg.com and enter the code found on your receipt. Once given access to the survey proper, answer each question asked until you reach the end of the survey. About Meijer Meijer is a chain of superstores was founded in the early 1930’s and has grown over the years. It now has about 200 stores in states like Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Kentucky and Indiana. They provide a large portfolio of items in their catalogues for people to shop from. The aim of the company is keep customers coming back to them, to ensure that they are competitive and strong in the retail and department store market, that the concept of family business (which it was its initial theme) is respected and strengthened, that the work environment of workers is safe and healthy and that quality for all is a priority.

Helpful Links and Info Official Website – http://www.meijer.com/

Customer Service – 1-877—E-MEIJER (1-877-363-4537)

My Starbucks Visit Survey – Win $1000

www.mystarbucksvisit.comHow to Join the Starbucks Survey Upon visiting a Starbucks store, keep the receipt that comes with your purchase. This receipt will give you the customer code that will give you access to the survey. Make sure you are connected to the Internet, and use a laptop or desktop computer for the survey proper.

  1. Go to the My Starbucks Visit Survey page by clicking this link: www.mystarbucksvisit.com.
  2. Choose the language you prefer.
  3. Enter the customer code written on your receipt. Make sure there are no spaces between the numbers. Hit Enter.
  4. You will now be led to the main survey. Answer each question until you reach the end of the survey.
  5. Upon completing the survey, you will be eligible to join the sweepstakes that gives you the chance to win $1,000. Start crossing your fingers and hope to win the prize!

About the My Starbucks Visit Survey Starbucks has been brewing the best coffee in town since 1971, back in the day when it was just a small store at the Pike Place Market in Seattle. Since then, it has grown to be known not only for their excellent coffee, but for the amazing customer experience as well. Now serving an assortment of drinks and food, Starbucks has become a favorite place not only for coffee, but for breakfast and snacks as well. The My Starbucks Visit Survey is part of their store survey program called Customer Voice, which gives customers the chance to share their experience and comment on their drink, the store where they made their purchase, the person who served their drink, and their entire experience overall. It also gives each customer the chance to join the sweepstakes that promises to give $1,000 to a lucky winner.

Starbucks Customer Service Number – 1-800-STARBUC (1-800-782-7282)

Complete the Gap Survey – Get a 20% Discount Code

www.survey4gap.comHow to Particpate In The Gap Survey

  • After coming to the website one needs to choose the language one prefers to use to participate in the survey. Once the selection is done one should click on Next
  • A few demographic information needs to be filled in such as age and gender in the fields given
  • The store number given in the cash receipt should be put in the required field. There is a diagram on top of the page to assist you to find the store number.
  • A few questions would be posed regarding one’s visit at the GAP store. One would need to answer all such questions with an honest response.
  • At the end of the survey one is provided with a code. One should write down the code and utilize the code the next time they make a purchase at a GAP store. It will allow one to get twenty percent discount on the price of the product.
  • The survey is easy and simple to complete and takes a few minutes.

About Gap GAP, the American  clothing and accessories company, is located in San Francisco in the state of California. The company was established by Donald and Doris Fisher way back in 1969. The company owns five basic brands, Banana Republic, Piperlime, Old Navy, Athleta and the GAP banner. The company has about one hundred and thirty five thousand workers in 2008 and it is known to operate more than three thousand stores all over the world. Out of these stores, majority are located in the United States of America. The company retains the position of the biggest specialty clothing retailer in United States. This position is currently being exceeded by Inditex, a Spanish based group. This company is the biggest clothing outlet retailer in current times. A present GAP are rewarding their customers who fill in their survey with a 20% discount on all regularly priced items on your next purchase in one of their Gap stores. The GAP feedback survey should take 10-15 mins.

Helpful Link and Info Official Website – http://www.gap.com/

Customer Service – 1-800-GAPSTYLE (1-800-427-7895)

Whataburger’s Online Customer Survey

www.whataburgersurvey.comHow to Join the Survey Visit www.whataburgersurvey.com and enter the code which could be found on your receipt. Follow the instructions and answer all the survey questions until you reach the end.

About Whataburger Whataburger is a privately owned fast food restaurant in America. The restaurant mainly focuses on burgers but they still have other food items on their menu. This is chain of restaurants that was started back in 1950 by Harmon Dobson and Paul Burton. The first ever Whataburger store was opened in August 1950 in Corpus Christi, Texas. In June that year, Harmon Dobson had been granted the Whataburger trademark. In 1951, there was a dispute between the two partners Harmon and Paul over the price of the burgers.

Harmon had raised the price of the burger from then 25 cents to 30 cents a move that did not go well with Paul Burton. This disagreement led to the disbandment of the partnership. Paul settled for the Whataburger franchise in San Antonio, Texas. In 1952, Harmon decided to open another Whataburger store in Kingsville Texas. The franchise was successful in the years that followed which led to the opening of more than 17 Whataburger stores in Texas, Florida and Tennessee by 1960. In 1961, Dobson decide to add another food item to the menu hence he introduced French fries and hot pies. By 1963, Whataburger had a total of 26 stores including the store they opened in Arizona.

In 1967, Harmon Dobson commissioned the Flying W company logo. In April the same year there was a plane crash that left Dobson and his associate dead.  Grace, Dobson’s wife took over the management of the business and become the chairman of the board. Under the new management the company still continued to be successful opening its first drive in store in 1971. In 1993, Dobson son become the president and the C.E.O of the restaurant. Till date the business is family owned and operated.

Helpful Link and Info Official Website – http://whataburger.com/

Enter the Winn Dixie $450 Gift Card Sweepstakes Survey

www.winn-dixiesurvey.comThe Winn Dixie Sweepstakes Survey is for their customers and gives you a chance to win prizes such as $450 gift cards which are given out monthly. It is a very easy multiple choice online survey you can be done and dusted in a matter of minutes if you have a reliable internet connection and PC or smartphone. You may also want to check some other surveys giving prizes such as the Dollar Tree online survey where  you can win up to $1k.

How To Win Prizes In Winn Dixie Sweepstakes Survey

It is easy to enter the Winn Dixie Sweepstakes Survey, you just need to be over 21 years old, have a recent receipt and and must be a legal resident of US, To start go to www.winn-dixiesurvey.com and then enter the 18 digit code at the bottom of your receipt. This is required to prove you have actually visited Win Dixie and made a purchase. Once you have done that you will need to answer the questions honestly and then provide your contact details. These are required so you can be entered into the sweepstake and have a chance to win prizes. About Winn-Dixie Winn-Dixie Stores Inc. is a chain of supermarkets in America which is based out of Jacksonville, Florida. It is ranked 24 in the top 75 food retailers in America. Its sales amount to eight billion or more in a year. There are nearly five hundred stores of this chain that are spread across states like Mississippi, Georgia, Louisiana, Florida and Alabama. The company started its operations way back in the twenties. In 2005 the company filed for bankruptcy before which it was listed in the S&P 500 list. The company is known for the Chek branded soft drinks it sells as well as diet and caffeine free different drinks on its shelves. They are also known to specialize in beef meat and the stores offer fresh and local flavors in the different tastes.  

How to Enter the Sephora Canada Survey

Sephora canada surveyHow to Join the Sephora Survey Gain access to the survey by visiting http://survey.medallia.com/sephora/canada. Begin the survey by filling in the details about your last visit and answering the questions that follow. Once done, wait for news if you are one of the few who will win free vouchers from Sephora.

About Sephora A cosmetics retail store that started in France, Sephora has won the hearts of consumers from all over the world with their wide choices of classic and emerging brands. Sephora has also entered the race for gaining customer satisfaction and has introduced the customer survey to gain insights on what the customers want and how they want it. Sephora might later incorporate the insights which it gains from conducting these surveys into their products and into their company’s strategies to increase their own profitability and to cater to the needs and demands of their ever increasing customer base.

Helpful Links and Info Official Website – http://www.sephora.com/

Customer Service – 1-877-SEPHORA (1-877-737-4672)

Grocery Outlet – Chance To Win $250

www.Go-Opinion.comIn order to encourage their customers to give their honest and valuable feedback, Grocery Outlet will enter each participant of their online survey into a lucky draw with a reward of $250.

How To Participate In Grocery Outlet Customer Survey?

In order to participate in Grocery Outlet Customer Survey you need to visit their official survey website: www.Go-Opinion.com. Once you visit the site you will be getting an invitation to participate in the survey. You will also get an option to choose your language. Click on English in order to proceed to the next level. This will take you to a different web page where you will be asked to enter a Survey Access Code. You should enter the code in order begin the survey.

About Grocery Outlet: Grocery Outlet is a family owned business chain of supermarkets that mainly deals with discounted overstocked products as well as closeout products. These products include branded ones and also the ones supplied by private manufacturers. The company has its headquarters in Berkeley, California. When it was found in 1946, it was known as Canned Foods Grocery Outlet. Later on its name was changed to Grocery Outlet. The firm has its supermarkets in different places like Oregon, Idaho, Pennsylvania, California, Washington, Nevada and Arizona. The company is owned by MacGregor Read and Eric Lindberg.  Grocery Outlet is well known for its customer-oriented business style. They give lot of importance to the opinion of local customers and they strive hard to deliver the best.