Bluebird American Express Login

Bluebird is a great alternative to checking and debit accounts. This innovative financial product is loaded with features and there are no fees involved in getting the Bluebird American Express card. Due to the linkage with the American Express organization, you will find acceptance of this card everywhere.

About Bluebird

It is a unique financial initiative formed by Walmart and American Express. This card can be used instead of cash to pay bills, make direct deposits and many other functions. It is possible to link an online account with this card and that way it becomes easy for customers to pay bills online as well as add on checks through the mobile application offered. You can even set up sub accounts on this card. The customer service of American Express is offered on this card. Customers can find assistance on phone lines 24 hours in a day and any time during the week. This card is easily obtained as there are no credit reviews associated with the issuance of this card. There is no minimum balance required on this card and no overdraft fees to be paid as well.

How To Create Bluebird American Express Login

If you own a Bluebird American Express card, you will find an easy way of linking it to an online account. That way your bill payments become easier and you will be able to check your transaction summaries, make direct deposits and lots more through this online account. The process of logging in to this online account is described below:

  • Log onto the official page of American Express Bluebird website at
  • Here you will find the links to log in or to register
  • If you are an existing member you can login through the login link; if you are yet to create an online account, click on Register to open this account
  • Once you have come upon the registration page at you will be asked whether you own a temporary card of Walmart. This is linked to your Bluebird account as well.
  • After you enter the card details, you need to enter your personal details like name, address and phone number
  • You will be taken through subsequent steps to choose a username and password for your account after which your account would be successfully created.

Useful Links:

Main page of Bluebird American Express:

Link for registration:

US Customer service number: 1 (877) 486-5990

International assistance number: 1 (801) 449-4016