Get In-store Coupons at provides its customers help when it comes to looking for in-store coupons online and they call this service ‘Coupons by Answers’. They believe that this service will provide coupon-savvy individuals with more ways to save money using coupons since they are not limited to manufacturers’ coupons that appear as inserts in newspapers and magazines. For individuals on a budget, using in-store coupons provides more ways to stretch every dollar.

Individual stores and franchises who wish to attract more customers into their stores are the ones responsible for coming up with these in-store coupons. After all, no one can resist a good deal and good deals are what these coupons bring. Upon checking the coupons center provided by, visitors gain access to coupons which produced by thousands of stores and offer discounts on thousands of products and services. To help visitors avoid getting confused, there is a feature that allows visitors to filter their search using brand names and keywords. Store coupon categories may also be used to filter search results. Upon choosing a coupon, visitors will be directed to the website of the company or brand that produced the coupon. In-store coupons from this service can be used for online purchases.

Brief Background on was founded back in 1999 by one Bob Rosenschein. This site is an internet-based center for exchanging information and knowledge. It encompasses WikiAnswers, VideoAnswers, ReferenceAnswers, and five Q&A centers composed of five international language communities. calls St. Louis Missouri “home” and is also the primary product of Israel-based Answers Corporation which is an internet reference and Q&A company. It has offices both in Jerusalem and in NYC.

How to get store coupons from


  • A computer and a connection to the internet

  • Knowledge of coupon guides to know how they work and how they can be used.

Steps to follow

  • G to the website.

  • Once the page loads, scroll down the left hand side menu and click on “COUPONS”.

  • This will take you to the coupons center.

  • Filter results based on brand names or opt for the different store coupon categories.

  • Once you find the coupons you like, click on the “see coupon” link.

  • You will be directed to the website that has provided the coupon. The coupon can be used to get discounts and freebies for online purchases.

Looking for and using coupons has never been easier. To learn more about coupons and how the coupon center at works, check out the links provided below.