Register to CouponSuzy to Print-Out Coupons is a website that allows its users to print the week’s most recent and most in-demand coupons. The coupons printed from the site can be used at various supermarkets and other retail stores to get discount from different brands. One of the services CouponSuzy provides is its seniors program. The program enables senior citizens to get coupon codes, local free coupons, grocery and discount coupons and a Savings card. In order to start printing coupons, a customer will just have to register an account.


CouponSuzy is also an online tool that helps coupon holders organize their coupon system. is the parent company of CouponSuzy. was established in 1998 in Silicon Valley, Mountain View, CA. It specializes in providing digital and printable coupons and in sponsoring loyalty reward programs.

How to Register to CouponSuzy to Print-Out Coupons

To download the Print Coupon application, you need to have a CouponSuzy account. To do this you need to:

  • Go to CouponSuzy’s homepage (check related link below).
  • Look for the dropdown arrow just below the image of “Suzy,” at the upper left corner of the page. Click it and choose “Sign-Up.”You’ll be directed to the “Sign-Up for” page.
  • Choose how you would like to register an account. You have two choices: one is to use your Facebook account, and the other is to register using your valid email address.
    • If you choose the former, simply click the “Sign-Up with Facebook” link and you’ll be prompted to follow steps to verify that you want to use your Facebook account for registration.
    • If you choose the latter, you need to key-in your email address and password. And then, click “Sign-Up.”
  • Follow the remaining steps in the registration process.
  • Once your registration is complete, try to log in to your account using the email address and password you’ve provided. When you’re in, you can now download the “Print Coupons” application.

This app only requires one-time installment. If for instance you’ve been prompted to install the application again, it must likely because of your plugins. Make sure that your computer plugins are enabled. When the app is successfully downloaded, you may start printing your desired coupons.


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