Download Jetpack Joyride For PC

Smartphones have not only become a mode of communication, but have also become a mode of entertainment with their amazing apps and games. All of these apps are available on the android market and most of them are free and easy to download. If you are an android phone user, all you will need is a Gmail account, and then you’ll be able to access the android store to download all of your games. You will find a plethora of games available for download on the android market and they are a great source of entertainment. One of the games that is gaining popularity amongst people is the Jetpack Joyride.

About Jetpack Joyride

This is a game that has been designed by famous app developers, Halfbrick Studios. It is one of the most downloaded apps from the Google Play Store and has excellent graphics that impress players. It is possible for PC users to also enjoy this application on their computers by simply downloading an android emulator that will allow the app to run on their PC.

How To Download Jetpack Joyride For PC

You will need a computer that is equipped with an internet connection to install the game on your PC.


  1. In order to download the game and allow it to run, you will need to install an android emulator onto your PC. There are many options open to you. One of the most recommended ones is the Bluestacks emulator. You can download this particular emulator from You will find two download buttons on the homepage. Click on the one that is relevant to your PC’s operating system to enable the download. Once the download is enabled, it will take a few minutes to complete.
  2. After the download is completed, you will need to install the emulator on your computer. In step 1, you have downloaded the setup file for Bluestacks. You will need to launch this file in order to install Bluestacks on your computer. Once it is launched, you will receive step-wise instructions on your computer screen, which you will have to follow, to complete the installation process. This will also take a couple of minutes and you will need to restart your computer after it.
  3. Once the Bluestacks emulator has been downloaded, you can use it to search for Jetpack Joyride via its search feature. Type in the exact name of the game and hit the search button. Choose, from the search results, the game you want to download, and click on it. The download process of the game and its installation will begin immediately and automatically, after which the game will be ready to use.

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