Submit a Rebate at Discount Tire

Discount Tire regularly offers different promos and freebies for all of their customers all over the country. Included in these set of perks is their rebate system.

About Discount Tire

The company started in 1960, with its founder, Bruce T. Halle renting out space in Ann Arbor, Michigan to sell tires at a low price. Although their initial inventory only consisted of six retreaded tires and two brand new ones, Halle believed that he could make this grow. He did not even have his own air compressor, and only used a portable air tank to fill up the tires. Because of this, he had to run to the gas station nearby every single time a customer would buy tires so that he could refill his small tank. He was a one-man team, being the owner, tire technician, accountant, and store cleaner. Eventually, Halle was able to expand his inventory and widen his operations. Today, Discount Tire has over 875 stores found in 28 states in the United States.

How to Submit a Rebate at Discount Tire

Discount Tire has set up a centre where you can claim rebates from tires and other products you have previously purchased from any of their stores. To do so, you can follow these steps:

  • Visit the Discount Tire Rebate Centre using the link provided below.
  • Type in your offer code at the space provided. You can find this code on the first column of the rebate form given to you during your purchase. You can also click on the link that says “See Example” to help you find the code.
  • Type in the invoice number at the space provided. You can find this at the upper right side of your invoice. Make sure you use the original invoice number, and not the reprint number. Click on the link that says “See Example” if you are having problems finding it.
  • Using the dropdown menus provided, enter the transaction date.
  • Type in your phone number on the space provided. Make sure that this number matches the primary phone number listed on the “Customer Information” part of your invoice.
  • Click on the “Next” button.
  • Go through the next instructions to finish the process. Once the request is successfully submitted, just wait for a Discount Tire representative to contact you.

Helpful Information

Discount Tire Rebate Centre –

Discount Tire Website –

Discount Tire Rebate Centre Hotline – 1-866-892-8078