Join Happy Meal to Get 150 Mpoints to Use at McWorld

Mpoints are virtual money used in McWorld, a website run by McDonald’s that caters specifically to kids. Mpoints are usually earned by playing different games and finishing quests at the website.

About the Happy Meal

McDonald’s started selling Happy Meals in their restaurants in 1979. The idea started in Guatemala when Yolanda Fernandez de Cofino had the idea to start selling a meal that comprised small fries, a small sundae, and a hamburger to make it easier for mothers to feed their children in the McDonald’s stores they ran. This caught the attention of McDonald’s corporate team who set the wheels in motion by asking Bernstein-Rein Advertising’s CEO, Bob Bernstein, to come up with a similar concept. He then came up with the idea of the Happy Meal. He called in his creative team and started asking children’s illustrators to help them out with the packaging. They came up with a box that had the Golden Arches as handles with different activities and illustrations all over it. The box contained a burger, small fries, a pack of cookies, and a surprise toy. This also came with a small drink. It was launched in Kansas City in 1977, and was eventually rolled out nationally in 1979. Today, Happy Meals are still sold in stores all over the world, with the toy and the packaging usually used as part of a tie-up with a new movie, a TV show, or a specific toy line. Different variants have also been introduced around the world.

How to Get 150 Mpoints to Use at McWorld

You can get 150 Mpoints that you can use at McWorld by following these steps:

  • Go to the Happy Meal website by following the link below.
  • Once the homepage loads, click on the link at the upper right side of the page that says “Log In.”
  • A window will appear. Click on the button that says “Get Started.”
  • Think of a screen name that you can use and type it on the space provided. Make sure you follow the guidelines. Your screen name should also be unique, so click on the link that says “Check This Screen Name” to make sure that nobody else is registered under the name you have chosen.
  • Create a password and type it on the space, making sure that the password guidelines are followed. Verify your password.
  • Click on the button that says “Go” to complete the registration process.

Helpful Information

Happy Meal Homepage –

McDonald’s Corporate Website – www.mcdonald’