How to Claim US State Unemployment Benefits Online

If you are in the unfortunate position of being unemployed in the US you can apply for State unemployment benefits. Most states have their own unemployment benefit programs and if you qualify for the state unemployment insurance of your state, it would be beneficial for you to cover some of your financial needs even after you lose your job. Some of those states are Georgia, California, Washington, and Louisiana.

Unemployment insurance from these states and others are beneficial for people who were once employed but faced circumstances that led to the loss of their job. The financial assistance which would be coming from the unemployment insurance would not be based on the person’s current financial needs but according to that person’s previous employment as well as their legal entitlement and qualifications. Such unemployment insurance policies are paid for by the previous employers through reimbursement programs. Today, unemployment insurance can be claimed online.

Claim Unemployment Benefits at Georgia DOL Online

About Georgia Department of Labor

Established back in 1911, it was originally known as the Department of Commerce and Labor. Today, they offer a wide variety of services for the residents of the State of Georgia including but not limited to provision of some workforce information, employment services, attending to child abuse issues, and unemployment insurance concerns. Before application, a person must be eligible for application. One must be able to prove his residency, give the valid reason for unemployment that the loss of employment was not because of your own fault, enough insured wages, and he should also be able to and is actively searching for work. The base period should also be clearly indicated when filing for a claim.

How to Claim Your Georgia Unemployment Benefits

To claim your unemployment benefits, visit the official Georgia D.O.L website at and select the “individuals” option. A new page will load and you should click on “file on unemployment insurance claim.” Make sure your JavaScript is enabled for you to continue. Click on “Begin unemployment claim” and follow the remaining instructions.

Helpful Info and Links

Georgia Unemployment Insurance Claim Page –

Georgia DOL Contact Page – for Unemployment Benefits in California From EDD.CA.GOV

About the State of California Employment Development Department

“EDD” or the Employment Development Department of the State of California is one of the oldest and most active departments. It has been around and helping residents with their employment-related concerns for around 70 years now. Before applying, a person must have been employed in the past 18 months, must be able and is actively looking for a job, and must be unemployed with a reason which is not his own fault.

Applying for Unemployment Benefits Online at EDD.CA.GOV:

Visit the Employment Development Department Website by clicking here: Hover your cursor on the “Unemployment” heading at the menu bar located at the top of the page. Then, click on “Apply for UI Benefits” which will appear in the popup menu. Click on “Filing a Claim” under the “Filing for Unemployment Insurance” heading. On the next page that will appear, click on “eApply4UI” and read the details that follow before you click on “Continue.” Read and understand all the presented information before ticking the box for “I have read all of the above information.” Click on “Continue” and finish the rest of the form.

Helpful Info and Links:

EDD.CA.GOV Contact Page –

EDD.CA.GOV Address – Employment Development Department, P.O. Box 826880 – UIPCD, MIC 40, Sacramento, CA 94280-0001


Unemployment Claims Contact Number – 1-800-300-5616


 Washington State Unemployment Benefits Application

About the Washington Unemployment Program

The Washington Unemployment Program is offered by Washington’s Employment Security Department and they give benefits based on the employment history of an applicant. Washington-based employers will then have to cover the unemployment benefits of Washington-based residents. There are requirements such as working 680 hours during the base year before filing a claim which is still for approval by the Employment Security Department.

How to Apply for Unemployment Benefits Claim

Click here to get to the official website of the department: Click on “Apply for unemployment benefits” to be directed to their eligibility page. Next, click on “Online unemployment benefits application after reading the requirements and answer the questions that follow. Click on continue and finish the application by following the rest of the instructions.

Helpful Info and Links

Unemployment Insurance Claims Center Contact Number – 800-318-6022

ESD.WA.GOV Contact Page –


www.laworks.netMaking a Louisiana Unemployment Claim at LAWorks.Net

 About Louisiana Unemployment Insurance

The main duty of the Louisiana workforce commission is to help unemployed individuals with their insurance concerns, but they also help people look for employment in other places. Before qualifying for the insurance though, you should supply information such as past wages, the reason for being unemployed, and proof that you are able and willing to work.

How to Apply for Unemployment Insurance

Click on this link to get to the homepage: and click on “File for Unemployment.” Follow the instructions and supply the required information such as your social security number, and information about your previous employers. A waiting time of 3-4 days may be needed before getting your first check.

Helpful Info and Links

LAWorks FAQs Page –

Unemployment Concerns Contact Number – 1-866-783-5567