Burger King – Bk Gateway Login

Burger King Gateway login is an employee portal login. It is a training portal that contains details about training activities conducted by Burger King for its new staff members. Burger King also conducts training for its franchise members. Burger King is constantly searching for able employees to serve at their restaurants. Whenever a new staff is hired, Burger King sends him to attend their standard training program. This BK Gateway login allows such employees to view the timings of their training sessions. Training includes workshops and videos that show the history of Burger King, work protocol, company policies, food safety and employee safety. This Gateway login allows the employees to view their benefits and work status. This account is a primary source for all sorts of news and information related to Burger King.

Burger King Gateway Login Steps

  • In order to get login Burger King Gateway go to https://bkgateway.whopper.com/.
  • Enter in your username and password which you should have set up previously. Every employee or staff hired by Burger King is granted with an employee code and you need to use this number or code to register or activate your Gateway account. As the training begins, employees are educated about their Gateway account and they are instructed on how to activate and use it.
  • If you have previously set them up but forgotten them press the relevant link underneath to get your username/password. You have to put your name into the system and only if you are a registered employee will your details be shown.
  • If you continue to have issues then call the technical help team on:
  • US IT Helpdesk:+1-866-226-9035
  • UK IT Helpdesk:+44-800-404-9178
  • Spain IT Helpdesk:+34-900-838541
  • Germany IT Helpdesk:+49-0800-112-2881

About Burger King Gatway

As nearly everyone knows Burger King is an international chain of restaurants that deal with fast food. Burger King is popular for its hamburgers. The company was originally founded in the year 1953. As of today, Burger King is one of the largest and most popular restaurant chains. Burger King has around 13,000 restaurants and they are spread across 79 countries. Around 65% of the restaurants are located in the United States. Burger King hires thousands of employees in a year. Since most of the employees are students and youngsters the company finds it hard to retain them on a long-term basis. For this reason the company has setup a hands-on training program for all the new employees. Burger King also maintains a separate employee training portal which is known as Gateway. This portal is meant for employees and they can use it to keep a track of their training activities.