How to Activate Your New Mobile Phone At

All users of mobile phone services have to activate their SIM cards to start using the services of their network provider – this is a standard procedure and the phone cannot be used for calling or sending SMS if the SIM card in it has not been activated. Previously the users had to visit the franchises of their service providers in person to get their SIM cards activated, this used to be quite a hassle for everyone. Luckily users can now avail the fast and flexible online activation service and avoid having to go to the franchise altogether.

For Online SIM activation all one has to do is follow the instructions given in this article and the SIM will be activated in not more than a few minutes. Orange Boasts more than 226 million customers worldwide and is said to be the fifth largest telecommunication company in terms of customers’ base.


Orange is one of the most famous largest mobile network brands with a large and satisfied customer base from various countries worldwide. People buy Orange SIM cards because they know that they are purchasing one of the best services that the world has to offer, also they know that they will get their money’s worth and that their voice will be heard by the company if they have any complaint or issue which they need to resolve.

Step-By-Step Guide to Orange (UK) Phone Online Activation


  1. Access to the internet.

  2. A computer or a mobile device to access the internet.

  3. A mobile phone and the Orange SIM card physically in your possession.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Visit

  2. Navigate to the webpage of the Orange (UK) phone activation.

  3. Input all of the required personal and contact information.

  4. Make sure that the information which you enter is correct otherwise the registration may be cancelled.

  5. If any further help is needed visit the help section of the website, which is very informative.

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