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Today there are many innovative computer portals and applications developed to help parents gain insight into what happens in a child’s school and to be able to monitor their progress. The Clark County District is one of the largest school districts in US. There is a comprehensive system developed that envelops most schools in this district and provides a network of communication between the school administrators, teachers, parents and children.

There are different programs and platforms created for these distinct communities. For the parents there is a secure login portal created where hey can register their children studying in any of the participating schools. They can then monitor the progress of their children in these schools. It is a convenient way to access grades, check on assignments as well as attendance information and custom alerts can be created and even the cafeteria balance can be obtained on this portal.

How To Login To ParentLink

The Clark County School District provides an innovative platform for the parents of the students to monitor the grades and progress of the children. It is a computer based system by which updated information is made available to the parents regarding attendance and grades of students. In order to access the system you first need to obtain the login ID and password from the school where your child is studying and the school is part of the Clark County School District. In order to login:

  • Go to and enter in the ID and password given to you (if you have forgotten your password click ‘trouble logging in’ to get a new password sent to you. You can also get a Login ID reminder by clicking ‘touble logging in’ and then ‘forgotten login ID’ on the next page. You will then need to answer a series of questions).
  • After providing the username and password as given by the school you will be able to review the student information uploaded by the school.

About Clark County School District

As of 2012 the Clark County School District is the fifth largest school district in the US. It serves schools in Clark County, Nevada which include cities like Henderson, Las Vegas, Boulder City, North Las Vegas and many other places in the county. The district is divided into seven regions and there are over 25 alternative schools and programs that operate in this county. There are certain charter schools where the district has limited involvement. The district does not have any involvement in the private schools in the county.

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