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Santander online banking is the modern way to bank. Here we will discuss how to apply and enroll in Santander online banking, the myriad benefits of online banking, and the most frequently asked questions about banking online with Santander Bank.

Benefits of Santander Online and Mobile Banking

Once you have a Santander bank account you are free to enroll in Santander online banking services. There are numerous benefits for enrolling in online banking. Let’s discuss the basics.

Santander ProTECHtion Overview

Santander is privy to modern banking needs and proves it by offering most financial services online or through their mobile app. Most financial services are available to handle online, including:

  • Activate a debit or credit card
  • Apple Pay® shopping
  • Cancel a debit or credit card
  • Check depositing
  • Pay bills
  • Replace a debit or credit card
  • Transfer money

You can do all of this and more on the Santander online banking portal.

Santander Online Banking Guarantee

Fraud and loss are two of the top concerns for banking customers with online banking. Santander has you covered with their Online Banking Guarantee. The Online Banking Guarantee protects you against loss and account fraud. If someone uses your card without your permission, Santander will cover the loss.


Santander is all about alerts to keep you up to speed on your account details. You can choose to receive text or email alerts that will notify you when there is activity on your account or when your account balance is low. There are also security alerts to notify you of any potentially unauthorized account activity.

Setting up alerts in your online banking portal is easy and fully customizable. Customizing your alerts ensures that you are only receiving the notifications important to you.

Make Payments with BillPay

Santander’s BillPay is a solution to having sensitive checks and other financial documentation floating around. The Santander online portal makes paying bills easier than ever.

Select the recipient of your BillPay on their online portal. Enter the relevant information requested by the service provider. After you have confirmed, the money is transferred directly from your account to the recipient’s account.

With BillPay you can make single payments or set up recurring payments. Setting up a scheduled payment in your online banking portal can prevent you from missing payments and can also save time.

Transfer Funds

The Santander transfer service in the online banking portal helps you send money for free in minutes. Free transfers apply to your other accounts and to accounts at any financial institution in the US.


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Santander’s online banking access is an ECO-friendly option for anyone who wants to save paper. If this is you, opt-in for paperless statements. Using BillPay can also cut out the paper-trail by minimizing the paper bills you receive in the mail. It’s all easy to organize from their state-of-the-art online banking platform.

All-in-One Statements

There is no longer a need to wrestle a pile of statements for all of your financial accounts. An online banking account with Santander presents all your account information in one place.

You can check the balance of any of your accounts in one place. Not only can you view your accounts, but you can also view any loans or lines of credit you have from Santander in your online banking portal.

Save Time

Santander knows time is money, and they are in the business of saving you both. The variety of online account services allow you to bank on your own schedule. Day or night, you can get the customer service help you need.

The self-service options offered through your online banking account include replacing lost or stolen cards, ordering checks, stopping payments, and altering your contact information.

How to Enroll in Santander Online Banking

Now you are ready to enroll for Santander online banking, we’ll walk you through the simple process.

Temporary Login Credentials

To get started you’ll need to gather your temporary login credentials. These were either given to you when you signed up for your banking account or you’ll need to request them.

To make a temporary login credential request for online banking you can visit your local Santander branch or contact customer service by phone or online.

If you enroll for your online banking temporary login credentials online, you must fill out an enrollment form. Eligibility restrictions apply for enrollment. You must be a resident of the U.S. to enroll online. Gather the following information to complete the Santander online banking enrollment form:

  • Current address
  • Date of birth
  • Email address
  • Mother’s maiden name
  • Phone number
  • Santander account number
  • Social Security Number

If you aren’t a US resident or you do not have access to some information needed for Santander online banking enrollment, visit a branch or contact a representative for help at (877) 768-2265. Representatives are available seven days per week excluding federal holidays from 6 am to 10 pm Eastern Time.

For security reasons, Santander bank must first verify your identity before permitting access to your online banking portal. Sometimes, the verification process is instantaneous. When an immediate verification isn’t possible, it will take 7 to 10 business days after requesting them for your temporary login credentials to reach you.

Temporary Login

  • 1
    From the Santander Bank homepage click on the “Login” button with the lock icon in the top right corner.
  • 2
    Enter your temporary User ID and click the “Submit” button.
  • 3
    Enter your temporary password and click the “Submit” button
  • 4
    Enter your bank account number and click the “Submit” button.
  • 5
    Enter New Login Credentials
  • 6
    Enter a new User ID and password and click the “Continue” button.
  • 7
    Confirm your User ID and click the “Continue” button.

Security Setup

  • 1
    Fully read the Electronic Communications Disclosure. When finished click the “Accept” button.
  • 2
    Fully read the Terms of the Online Banking Service Agreement. When finished select the “Accept” button.
  • 3
    To protect your account from fraud, misuse, and/or identity theft, register for Santander Secure Access.
  • 4
    Choose a security phrase and security image to display each time you log on to your account.
  • 5
    Choose security questions and provide answers to them.
  • 6
    Accept or decline the Santander Bank website “remembering” your computer.
  • 7
    Click the “Continue” button to proofread your provided registration data.

Verify Information

man stamping documents

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  • 1
    Double check your contact information. Enter on this page any additional phone numbers or email addresses associated with your account.
  • 2
    Choose whether to receive paper statements or electronic statements. Click the “Continue” button after making your decision.
  • 3
    That’s it. Welcome to Santander online banking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you know how to get started, let’s touch upon some of the most frequently asked questions about Santander online banking.

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Santander Bank offers a variety of encrypted, secure, and convent services for online and mobile banking customers, and the Santander Online Banking Guarantee protects your account against potential misuse. Santander online banking streamlines the banking process to fit modern on-the-go lifestyles. Save time and money by enrolling in Santander online banking.