Take A Free Typing Test And Play Typing Games

When you visit the site mentioned above, you will find tutorials for typing skill development. This is the primary aim of this site. There are several applications and free programs to help you achieve this. This site is meant for children who are developing typing skills on the computer as well as for senior people, who wish to get accustomed to the computer keyboard. The tutorials focus on teaching the fundamentals of typing and to help users get familiar with the keyboard placements. The keys and their placing as well as techniques to type fast and accurately without looking at the keyboard are taught through the tutorials on this site. There are free typing games on this site that help you get familiar with the keyboard as they play the games.

About Sense-Lang.Org

This helpful site for learning keyboard typing and enhancing the typing skills has been online since 2001. The website specializes in unique, user friendly and free typing courses. The learning methods deployed on this site are unique. Millions of people have used this site to learn, practice as well as improve their typing accuracy and speed. The website is referred to by many schools to help their students develop their typing skills and familiarity with the computer keyboard. The website can be used to design custom programs for different levels of students. There are provisions to grade assignments for students as well as track their progress. The website offers a wide range of languages in which typing can be learnt.

How To Take Free Typing Test And Play Typing Games

The website Sense-lang.org offers tutorials as well as free typing games for enjoyment and skill development. You can access these features in simple steps:

  • Log onto the official site as given below
  • You will find tutorials for keyboarding as well as tests on the upper left hand corner of the main page
  • The tests come free of cost. You can test your touch typing abilities in different ways.
  • You can even opt for certifications which will grade your typing speed and accuracy
  • It is advised to go through the suggestions and tips provided before taking the free typing tests
  • If you wish to play the typing games, find the link as given below
  • Here you will find a range of interesting games
  • Your typing skill will be tested in many ways through these games

Useful Links:

Official site: sense-lang.org

Webpage for free typing games: http://games.sense-lang.org/

Webpage for typing tests: http://sense-lang.org/typing/tutor/test.php