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Whether you’re buying only for your own needs or intending to resell the products to get some profit, the Alibaba Group is there to provide quality products for good prices. They offer wholesale items for resellers wanting to earn money while maintaining affordable prices. Personal shoppers also have the luxury of buying anything they fancy, whether it is clothes, shoes, consumer appliances, children’s toys, and even home decors.

About Alibaba

alibaba.comAlibaba group is an e-commerce business that is based in Hangzhou in China. It is a family of many internet based business. The company begun back in 1999 with the sole mandate of providing a portal that will connect Chinese manufactures with the overseas buyers. There are different companies that have come together to form the Alibaba group. The major share-holder is Alibaba which is an e-commerce platform for small business that was launched in 1999. There is the Taobao which is a company that offers consumer to consumer service that enables people to easily buy products from Alibaba. Taobao is China’s largest company that offers the consumer to consumer platform. The company was started back in 2003. The other significant company is the Alipay that offers the online Escrow payment services to the customers.

There is Tmall which is an online company that was started in 2008 to compliment the Taobao portal. The company offers the online retail platforms that enable business owners to easily sell their products online. The company later became an independent platform in 2011. The other significant company that has contributed to the success of the Alibaba group is the eTao which is a shopping search engine that offers consumers with a comprehensive information about the products, merchants and promotional information. This is an online company that was started by Taobao in 2010. It is worth mentioning that Juhuasun,, AliExpress and Alibaba cloud computing are all companies within the Alibaba group.

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Registering for a free account at is easy. Simply go to and look at the upper left part where there is a welcome message. Find the text that says “Join Free” and continue to the next page where you will need to type in your details. Choose whether you want to be a supplier or a buyer. You can also choose to be both. Submit using the “Create my Account” button and wait for details on your email address. 

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aliexpress is part of the Alibaba Group which is a privately-owned e-Commerce and internet-based business which operates from the People’s Republic of China. They offer all kinds of products ranging from electronics, apparel, novelty items and much more at smart prices. They ship worldwide and accept over ten payment methods. In 2012, the earnings of the website amounted up to $170 billion—more than the earnings of Amazon and eBay combined. They offer both wholesale and retail deals for interested parties who would like to try their hand on the reselling business.

Having an account with Aliexpress lets shoppers enjoy their online purchases more and they can have a more organized online shopping experience when using the tools they offer such as lists, “My Orders” page, and “My Coupon” for even better discounts.

How to Create an Account at

To get started, visit and enter your details such as email address, complete name, password, and the CAPTCHA code. Make sure to check the “ free membership” option before you click the button that says “Create Your Account”.

Aliexpress also lets you create an account linked with your Facebook account. There is an appropriate link at the top of the Aliexpress homepage.

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