Verizon Webmail – Sign up & Login

Verizon Communication Company is one of the leading wireless service providers in the United States. The company offers you great service like; wireless internet and Television packages, home phone, security and backup and many more. Once you create an account with them you will be able to watch television shows online, view and pay your bills with ease, rent or buy movies etc.

About Verizon Communications

Verizon communications is a company that was started back in 1984 as Bell Atlantic. Bell Atlantic was a Corporation that represented the Baby bell companies that were formed after an order by the Justice Department of the United States. The orderstipulated that the AT&T Corporation (used to manage the Bell operating companies) relinquish its control of the system. This move led to the formation of seven Baby bell companies, Bell Atlantic being one of them.

In the mid- 1990s, the Baby bell companies decided to rebrand and adapt the name Bell Atlantic this meant that all the Baby bell companies had to adapt the name Bell Atlantic. It was after this move that Bell Atlantic expanded their branches to other states like New York City (which later become the headquarters) and New England.

Bell Atlantic provided the communications services to some of the cities in the United States. However the majority number of the cities received their services from GTE Corporation. To access these cites Bell Atlantic merged with the GTE Corporation in 2000. After the merger, the two corporations decided to change the name of the corporations to a single name that would represent both, so they changed the name to Verizon Communications Corporation. The Verizon Communications Corporation was headed by Charles Lee the CEO of GTE and Ivan Seidenberg CEO of Bell Atlantic.

How To Sign Up And Log In

To create an account with Verizon

  • Go to the log in home page via the link provided
  • Once the page opens, click on ‘create an account’
  • The sign up page will open, you will be prompted to specify if you have a Verizon phone number
  • If you have the number, click Yes
  • Enter your phone number
  • Enter the last bill amount
  • Enter the last payment amount
  • Enter your Verizon account number
  • Click on continue

If you don’t have the phone number, click ‘No’

  • You will be required to enter your Verizon account number
  • Enter your zip code
  • Click on continue
  • A new page will open prompting you to create a user ID and password
  • Follow the instructions

To log in to your account

  • Go to the sign in page via the link provided
  • Once the page opens, enter your User ID
  • Enter your password
  • Click on sign in

Useful Links

Official Verizon website :

Official log in link :