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Fidelity NetBenefits is an online financial service program that offers you ideal options to manage your retirement investments. It is a program that will allow registered Fidelity Investments members to manage their retirement 401 (k) accounts properly. With this account, you will be able to take care of all the aspects related to your 401 (k) investments sitting in the comforts of your home. All you need is a username and password to log in to your 401 (k) account that will allow you to manage and access all your fidelity accounts from the landing page.

How To Login To Your Fidelity NetBenefits Account?  

It is important for you to have an account on Fidelity.com or an account at Fidelitynetbenefits.com to access your retirement savings plan account.

  • Open your web browser and go to the Fidelity NetBenefits log in page here
  • Here, you will find the log in option at the left end of the screen. You need to first enter the username in the type box next to ‘username’ option. Make sure that you enter the exact username that you have used when registering for your Fidelity account.
  • Next, you need to key in the password that you had entered when registering for your account in the type box next to the password option.
  • If you are using your personal computer to log into your Fidelity account, then you can click inside the box close to ‘Remember Me’ option so that the computer automatically remembers you whenever you visit the login page.
  • Next press the log in option button to access your Fidelity NetBenefits account.

About Fidelity Investments NetBenefits   

Fidelity Investments is one of the leading American multinational financial services company in the world that started its operations in 1946 to serve North American investors. The corporation also started the Fidelity International Limited in 1969 and has spread its services to most of the countries all over the world. The corporation has a lot of businesses under its umbrella like personal investing, asset management, institutional services and workplace investing. The company offers comprehensive retirement plans and retirement investment solutions similar to their competitors like mykplan online retirement accounts that provide financial support and online retirement account management through secure websites. The company has well trained and courteous staff who will guide you in making responsible investment decisions, no matter you are an employer or an employee. You can access your retirement plans account online 24 x 7 by becoming a registered user.