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The United States Bowling Congress launched their Registered Volunteer Program or RVP to enhance the existing relationships and form new ones while protecting children who are engaged in bowling. They aim to reassure parents of the engaged youth that bowling can be a fun and safe preoccupation for their children by providing standardized rules and regulations for everyone. They also provide bowling-related benefits for the improvement of the youth’s experience by offering tournaments and coaching to enhance their skills.

Apart from offering excellent opportunities to hone the skill of your who are actively participating in bowling, the USBC RVP helps ensure that the safety of children who are engaged in the sport is the top priority. Individuals who are above 18 years can sign up for the program to provide assistance with the goals of USBC in protecting the innocence of the youth while having a sporty hobby through bowling.

Registration can be easily done online and after paying the $21.25 administrative fee, you will receive the RVP badge that you can use for 2 years. Your name will also be registered on their online page at

More About USBC at

The USBC was launched in 2005 as an organization whose aim is to serve both amateur adult as well as youth bowlers. They currently serve almost 2 million members throughout the state. They are recognized by the USOC or United States Olympic Committee, and they provide resources as well as services for those who enjoy bowling as a hobby or regular sport.

Joining the USBC RVP

Make sure you are an 18-year-old and above U.S. citizen who can pay your fees online through a computer you can use to go online. You will also need to use the Internet to become an RVP member. Then, follow these steps:

  1. Go to and hover on the “Youth” tab.

  2. Click the “Registered Volunteer Program” link.

  3. Select the “Enrollment or Renewal”option.

  4. On the following page, click on “Enroll or renew in the Registered Volunteer Program.”

  5. You will then have to answer the NCSI background screening questions by selecting the applicable answers to you.

  6. Follow the next set of instructions and enter the required information.

  7. After answering the questions about your criminal history, agree to their terms and click continue.

  8. Refer to the RVP enrolment details found on the related link below for more information.

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