How To Order An E-Gift Card At

If you are looking for various selections of gifts you want to send to someone you care, collect and select at CBS store. Many products are with slogans and logos, and even the exact things that you might have viewed on screen in your favorite CBS TV programming or shows. For instance, if that someone is a huge How I Met Your Mother fan, you can give him a MacLaren’s Irish Pub shot glass or if he is into solving the Criminal Minds, then he deserves a Cast Mug gift.

Because of the wide array of products, you may find yourself indecisive of what to give. This is the time that you can order for an E-Gift card and let the person you intend to surprise with a gift choose whichever he or she likes. The card can be used to all the products found in the CBS Store. When ordering the E-Gift card, you just need to provide the contact information of the recipient such as the name and the person’s email address. Once you have paid, the recipient will be automatically sent an email with the information of the gift card and the instructions on how to claim it.

About CBS Broadcasting Incorporated

CBS is a commercial broadcasting TV network in the United States. In 1972, it was initially launched as a radio network and now, it is the second biggest broadcasting network around the globe following BBC. CBS, with its name obtained from the initials of Columbia Broadcasting System, is frequently recognized as the “Eye Network” due to its logo. CBS offers people services with its national and local TV networks, outdoor and interactive media, and a publishing house.

Steps on How to Order E-Gift Card at CBS Store Online

What do you need?

  • PC with an internet access

  • Online banking account

  • Name and email address of the gift card recipient


  1. Visit CBS at

  2. Click “Shop” from the menu bar.

  3. At the lower right section of the Shop page, below the Ordering, click on “Gift Cards”.

  4. Select your E-Gift card value and the quantity you wish to have, then tick “Add to Cart”.

  5. Fill in the name and email address of the recipient, then “Submit”.

  6. Review and if perfect, click “Continue Checkout”.

  7. Click again “Checkout” and pay the E-Gift card with your online bank account.

  8. To guide you with gift choices, go to

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