Join The Coffee Club & Get Offers

The Costa Coffee lovers are provided by the company utmost care and gratitude by establishing the Costa Coffee Club to build and preserve a tight connection between the company and the customers. The Costa Coffee Club is open to all and registration is free. While in the club, customers will engage themselves on certain activities and boost their self-worth through receiving awards. Customers are required to provide their Costa Coffee card number and some personal information to become a lucky member. It is fun and can enhance your personal and social characteristics.

As soon as you get be a part of the Costa Coffee Club, you will be guaranteed with 100 bonus points consumable for available food and drinks. Apart from that, you also get to be updated with monthly statements and promotions of exclusive bonus points. The store’s latest activities will also be provided to you. Through online access, you get to monitor and see your membership details, checking balance for instance. So don’t wait any longer and start your registration as soon as possible.

About Costa Coffee Corporation

Based in the UK, Costa Coffee is a top international coffeehouse company. The coffeehouse was founded in 1971 and its fast developments have let to becoming now the largest coffeehouse chain in the United Kingdom and the second largest worldwide following Starbucks. With its main headquarter located in Dunstable, England, this coffeehouse runs in 28 countries all around the globe with over 1, 700 stores. It is no wonder why the Costa Coffee makes an annual income of £340.9 million. The coffeehouse services provide coffee and other hot and cold drinks, soda, snacks, and a lot more.

Costa Coffee Club Registration

What do you need?

  • An online computer

  • Costa Coffee Club card number and customer’s personal information such as name, birth date, complete address with zip code, contact number, and etc.

The Steps

  1. Visit the Costa Coffee Club homepage at

  2. Found at the bottom left corner of the homepage, click on the “REGISTER NOW” link.

  3. On the required fields, fill in your personal information and your card number.

  4. Still on the same page, set-up your account with login details including your email address and password.

  5. Concur on the terms and conditions provided; tick “CREATE ACCOUNT”.

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