Subscribe To The Online Newsletter brings you a wide array of movies and TV programs that include original content and a lot of licensed movies from companies like Sony Pictures Classics, Screen Gems, Columbia Pictures, TriStar Pictures, and other television programs from Sony Pictures Televisions. Despite the large number of TV shows and classic movies they have to offer, the staff at Crackle is constantly updating their library of shows and regularly promoting offers that are exclusive to its users. Recently, Crackle has added Animax shows to its 2012 lineup for viewers in Canada and the US.

Subscribers can now opt to receive the Crackle newsletter on their inboxes since these newsletters show the best of what the site has to offer. It also announces new releases and exclusive content to subscribers so they are the very first to know. It is very easy to look for interesting new content and old favorites with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Know more about

Crackle is the name of a digital network and studio that is located in the US and it used to go by the name Grouper. This network specializes in providing streaming videos in Flash but what makes them unique is they are commercially supported. The company was started back in the year 1997 and is also owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment. This is the reason why a majority of their content coms from the Sony library of shows and films. The entirety of the shows and films offered by Crackle are available through different web syndication networks like MySpace, Hulu, and AOL just to name a few.

Requirements for subscription to the Crackle Newsletter

  • A computer and access to the internet

  • Read and agree to the Crackle Privacy policy prior to signing up.

How to sign up

  • Navigate to

  • Check the lower right area of the page and look for the “join us” link. Click on the tag.

  • Enter email address and birth date. Tick on the box that indicates your agreement to their terms and conditions.

  • Once everything is in place, click on the “send” button. This will submit your information and facilitate the activation of your account.

  • All newsletters from crackle will now be delivered to your email address.

Below are the links for the Crackle privacy policy and the Crackle FAQs section which should be read prior to signing up for the site and its services.

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