How To Get Your Credit Report Online With

Credit Rating Score

Your credit score is quite critical in today’s environment. As financial regulations are tightening everyone is relying on your credit score to determine how trustworthy you are and most importantly whether you will be able to pay back your debt or not. A credit score can be required by a landlord, employer and the bank to evaluate applications such as housing, credit or employment. It is recommended by the government that you check your credit report once in a while. This ensures that whether you will be able to apply for that loan or house.

About is a cheap online service that lets you check your credit score. It guarantees secure access to your score. It is related to an Experian company which specializes in providing credit reports and other credit monitoring services.

If you have a CreditScore membership then this entails you to get your reports via email. It helps you create a credit profile of yourself from the report, which is an assessment done by the professionals and ensures accuracy. Your credit reports shows you the credit score and that determines your credit worthiness. focuses a lot on security and emphasizes a lot on providing you a secure online environment that is free from fraud.

Procedure to get your credit score

  1. Visit the website by following this link:

  2. Sign-in to your account by clicking by the Member-sign button on the top right hand side.

  3. Enter your “Username” and “Password”, then press Enter or click “Continue”.

  4. After you have logged in, you will be provided with a set of instructions. Follow them to continue with the rest of the procedure to acquire your credit score.

Useful Links

If you require any assistance regarding the signing in procedure, visit this link: and fill in the required details to get professional assistance, or if you want you can contact Customer Support.