DEA Online Licence Renewal

DEA or Drug Enforcement Administration has maintained a website that allows people to register for an online licence. This licence is to authorize parties like doctors, drug manufacturers and researchers to distribute and prescribe certain drugs. These drugs are covered under Schedule I and Schedules 2 to 5. After registering, the DEA authorities go through the facts and figures and issue a DEA number. It is a Licence that allows the registered person to research, manufacture, distribute and prescribe the abovementioned category of drugs. This licence is also required by pharmacists for dispensing drugs through their drug store or pharmacy.  This licence has to be renewed periodically. You can also register for renewal through their official website.

About DEA

DEA is an abbreviated form of Drug Enforcement Administration. It is a law enforcement agency and it is covered by U.S. Department of Justice. This agency is responsible for controlling the use and distribution of drugs within the U.S. It is also responsible for combating illicit drug usage and smuggling. In case of Controlled Substances Act, DEA shares parallel jurisdiction with ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) and FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation). DEA is also responsible for carrying out investigations regarding U.S. drugs in other nations. This agency was founded in the year 1973. During that time the government was concerned about illicit drug usage in the country. Hence, organizations like BNDD (Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs) and ODALE (Office of Drug Abuse Law Enforcement) were merged to give rise to the Drug Enforcement Administration.

How To Carry Out DEA Online Licence Renewal?

In order to perform a DEA online licence renewal, you need to visit their official website and follow the instructions given therein. The steps are described below.

  • Visit the official website of Drug Enforcement Administration.
  • On the home page to the right hand side, you will be able to view a section called “Registration Support.”
  • Under that section, several options are given. The second option is about Renewal Application. This option will take you to an online registration page. You have to fill this form for getting your licence renewed.
  • Once you select that option, you will be taken to a new page that contains an online form.
  • Read the instructions given on the form before filling it out.
  • For filling the form you should submit your DEA number, your name, SSN, Tax ID, State, ZIP and the expiration date of your licence.  This will conclude your registration.

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