Redeem Your Dining Dough Certificate

There are several discount sites that provide deals, but Dining Dough focuses on restaurant deals and vouchers. That makes it ideal when you wish to gift someone a unique dining experience, especially at a great price. The site allows holders of Dining Dough certificates a quick and easy way to redeem their reward points. Through three simple steps you will be able to redeem a reward certificate and get discounts and rewards to your preferred restaurant. The list of restaurants on the site is extensive which makes it an easy choice. Many banks and other corporate have tied up with Dining Dough to offer such privileges to their customers.

About Dining Dough

It is a site that is dedicated to provide the best deals in restaurants in many areas. You can choose from any of hundreds of restaurants listed on the site and print out electronic dining certificates. These dining certificates come in a range of values and as you choose higher amounts and you will get bif savings on your bill which could amount to 87%. With such deals in hand, fine dining will become affordable and an experience you can have more often with your loved ones.

How To Redeem Your Dining Dough Certificate

The reward card that comes with Dining Dough membership is easy to redeem by going to where you will need to enter your certificate code number. You then need to enter the anti spam code and click’ redeem certificate’.

The subsequent page will display the restaurants in your area where you can utilize the reward certificate and you need to select the one restaurant of your choice to the cart, similar to an online shopping site.  The last step requires you to print out the redemption certificate and keep it with you when you go to the restaurant you selected. Do not take your non restaurant specific Dining Dough card/certificate to the restaurant you selected as it will not work – you need to go through the process above first and print out the restaurant specific certificate.

If you have a high value certificate don’t feel you have to use it all in one go. You can use the value of the certificate over multiple restaurant visits so there is no need to stuff your face. You also need to be aware you can not combine multiple Dining Dough codes and you can not combine multiple restaurant specific certificates at one restaurant.