Dollar Tree Feedback Survey – $1K Reward

If you participate in the Dollar Tree’s customer survey you get a chance to try your luck at the sweepstakes. This will allow you to increase the chances of winning thousand dollars in cash. The survey is easy to complete, convenient to access online and is can be completed relatively quickly. The survey can be accessed online. There are often dollar tree surveys running throughout the year which pay cash rewards for taking part. They often give away 10 cash prizes of $1000 each day.

About The Dollar Tree Feedback Survey

As many of you will know Dollar tree is a chain of discount variety stores that are located in different parts of US. This corporation is a fortune five hundred entity and has around four thousand shops in forty eight different states spread across the country. The products which are sold at the stores are one dollar or less which is the key feature of these stores. Such dollar one stores are supported by comprehensive network of logistics at nine distribution centers. It makes services satisfactory and convenient for the customers. The company has several items in the beauty and health category as well as glass ware, house ware, toys, snack and food. The dollar tree company designs the survey to gain feedback from the customers regarding their idea about the company. Once you are done with this survey you may also be interested in the Sam’s Club survey which gives gift card rewards.


  • One needs to purchase any item from the dollar tree company and retain the sales receipt.
  • One should have a computer with a working internet connectivity.

Step By Step Instructions

  • The first step in taking the survey is to visit the website of the survey of the company. It can be found at
  • Here one needs to type in the store number, the whole cash that one spends at the store, time and date of one’s visit in the required fields and other information found in the sales receipt.
  • When you have filled in all the required information in the fields provided you need to click on enter to move onto the next step in the survey.
  • All questions that are posed in the questionnaire need to be answered based on the shopping experience at the company store.
  • This will take ten minutes approximately and after one has completed answering all their questions, one will be taken to the iPod sweepstake page.
  • Here one will be given a code for many sweepstakes as well as ten opportunities to win prizes of one thousand dollars in cash.

Dollar tree is a reputed company and its stores are well known. The survey increases the chance of one to win such amount as well as provide feedback to the company.

Helpful Links

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