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Empower Insurance Login allows its customers and insurance agents to log into their accounts via their secure website. Customers can use their account to manage their policy, make payments and monitor their insurance accounts. The company also allows the customers to file their claims by filling an online form. Each customer has to provide information about the insured, the claimant, facts, injuries and witnesses. The entire process is quite simple and in case of any doubts you can place a call to their claims line. To get an instant quote you need to submit your licence number and date of birth. And if you wish to purchase a new insurance policy you can apply online through their website. You can also search for an agent using their website.

About Empower Insurance

Empower Insurance is an Auto insurance company based in Texas. They provide insurance coverage for 4 wheelers. The company’s official website provides all the information about their services and agents. Their website provides separate accounts for their customers and agents. Agents and customers have to sign up with their website to get their personal accounts activated. The customers can use the site to get instant quotes and to apply for an insurance policy. The customers can also buy their policy by making payments through check, Visa or MasterCard. Once the insurance is bought, the customers would receive their insurance card through an email.  Alternatively, they can search for an agent and contact him to discuss the terms and conditions. The online portal of Empower Insurance also allows their agents to keep a track of their business dealings.

Empower Insurance Customer Login: Go to the login page here and  submit your policy number and your Garaging Zip Code. This would allow you to log into your account in which you can make online premium payments, manage your insurance policy, check your premium amounts and maturity date of your policy.

Empower Insurance Agent Login: Go to the agent login page here and  submit your agent code and password to log into your account. Once you become an agent Empower Insurance would issue an agent code.

Useful Links:

Empower Insurance claim form: https://www.empowerins.com/claims.html