Washington State Unemployment Benefits Application

Unemployment is hard on everyone, being unemployed because you lost your job involuntarily is even harder. Most states nowadays have the unemployment benefits program that seeks to provide people who lose their job through no fault of their own with financial assistance. Washington is one of those states. Unemployment benefits are simply regular earning that you are given to meet your expenses while you look for a job.

About The Washington Unemployment Program

This is a program that is offered by the Employment Security Department in Washington State. As mentioned above, the program focuses on providing financial assistance to people who find themselves unemployed involuntarily. The benefits are given on the basis of employment history. The Washington employers are the ones that cover the unemployment benefits.

There are specific requirements that you need to meet before you can apply for your claim. To meet the initial requirement, you need to have worked for 680 hours during your base year and you must have wages in Washington to file a claim. The other requirement is that you have to give reason for your unemployment. The Employment Security Department will however make their own assessment and decide if your reason is enough for you to file a claim. The last requirement is that you have to physically able and ready to work. If you lose your job and you don’t meet the 680 hours requirement, you are advised to call department so that you can for the alternative unemployment benefit claim.

There are different options of receiving your benefits that you can choose to from. You can apply for the weekly claim or the monthly claim within a period of one year. You cannot apply for a new claim if the year is not over.

How To Apply For Unemployment Benefits Claim

  • Go to the official website of the department
  • Click on apply for unemployment benefits; you will be directed to the eligibility page.
  • Click on the ‘online unemployment benefits application’ after you read the requirements
  • Answer the series of questions given
  • Click on continue
  • Follow the instruction that follow

Useful Links

Official website of Employment Security Department


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