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Fantage is an online game that involves role play and lots of other activities. You can join Fantage for free or you can opt for a paid premium membership. Paid members have more privileges and they have access to several rewards available in the game. However, free members are also entitled to receive several items but their privileges are limited. While joining Fantage you need to select an avatar that represents you. You will be using this character as your avatar throughout the game. The entire virtual world in Fantage is quite colourful and fun-filled. As of now, this online game is used by around 16 million members. Most of its members are kids who simply love the world of Fantage. The game allows the users to adopt several role plays which make the game more interactive.

About Fantage

Fantage is an online multiplayer game. The game involves role play and lots of fun-filled activities. The game consists of many cartoon characters and the players can choose any of them as their avatar. The players can customize their avatars by changing their clothes, hairstyle etc. The entire game happens in a virtual world which consists of different aspects. The players have to explore this virtual world and excel through each level. Fantage was introduced as an online game in the year 2008. Presently, Fantage has around 16 million users. Fantage was originally made for kids that belong to the age group of 6 to 16. The game also contains a safety system so that kids do not misuse the chat features provided by the game.

How To Use Fantage?

  • Fantage is an online game which allows you to participate in the events of a colourful virtual world. It is a multiplayer game which allows different players to assume different roles.
  • You should choose an avatar at the time of joining the game. This avatar would represent your character throughout the game.
  • You can modify your avatar by selecting suitable clothes and hairstyles.
  • You can join Fantage for free or you can be a paid member. Paid members get to buy interesting items using the virtual money the win from the game.
  • For joining the game you should visits its home page and click on the option, “Join Now.” This would take you to a registration page where you should enter your details like username, password, age and email address. You should also select an avatar at this stage.

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