Renew A UK Driving License At 70 Plus At

It is now possible for elderly people (over the age of 70) to get their drivers licence renewed easily, via the internet. They will not need to stand in long lines or wait their turns in queues. The online renewal system brought to you by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) has made it simple for senior citizens to renew their licence and drive legally. Some citizens have reservations about the protection of information entered onto the online database. You can be sure that the online system is completely safe and all information entered remains private and undisclosed.

About DVLA

The DVLA is a subordinate of the United Kingdom government and is responsible for recording, maintaining and updating the database related to vehicles and its drivers. The database includes information such as vehicle registration details, number plates that are on sale and other information related to automotives. The formalities of the database can be accessed online through the DVLA’s website.

A Guide for Online Renewal of Licence for Citizens Aged 70 Or Over

You will need

  • An expired British driver’s licence. A licence that is about to expire within 90 days can also be used.
  • To be aged 70 or above to use the system.
  • Pass the minimum eyesight requirement test.
  • An address that has been used for three years or more.
  • To be allowed to drive
  • A driving entitlement other than C1 or D1


  1. You will need to visit the DVLA website to begin the drivers licence renewal process and go to this page
  2. Once you have been directed to the page, read all the information present on the page, including information related to the eye sight requirement, the other ways to apply and information under the “Before You Start” and “What You Need to Know” tabs.
  3. Click on the start now button to begin licence renewal.
  4. Complete the application form with accurate data.
  5. Double check the information you have provided, and submit the form.

Information Before You Apply: