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Are you a regular buyer of the popular Home Shopping Network retailer? If yes, then there is good news for you. The Home Shopping Networks has its very own credit card services for customers to use. With a simple application process, regular special offers and discounts on specific items for members, zero annual fee and FlexPay option for your credit card bills, the credit card system they provide is something that regular shoppers should not miss out on.

About Home Shopping Network

Having established itself in Florida, United States, the retailer has been in business for more than a decade, operating as a television network that also sells items to its audience. They have a list of products in their catalogue for their customers and various categories of everyday items that shoppers are interested in shopping for, every now and then.

Applying for a Credit Card Online

The requirements are

  • A minimum age limit of 18 years.
  • Internet access through a computer.
  • Legal resident of the U.S and a permanent mailing address to submit.
  • A valid social security number.
  • An email address to submit during the application process.


  1. In order to apply for the credit card, you will need to visit the Home Shopping Network’s website,
  2. You will need to scroll down to the bottom of the page. You will find a link in the bottom right corner of the page “Get an HSN Card”; click on that.
  3. Go through the details about the different credit card options you have and select one that it best suited for you. Then click on the “Apply Now” button.
  4. You will need to fill in the empty fields with your name, address, birth day, social security number and contact numbers. Enter the characters in the security box, accept the terms and conditions and then click on “Submit Application”
  5. Follow the instructions related to the application process to complete the procedure.


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