John Hancock USA – Account Login

John Hancock allows their customer to access and change their account information online through their client pensions website.  The company offers a wide range of retirement plans and pension products which helps the clients in offsetting  risks and maximizing their returns. Their online client account allows the users to view the status of their investments, pension plans and life insurance policies. This account is only meant for customers of John Hancock so if you are one and want to get access you just need to register your details and have your contract number to hand.  You should also provide your Personal Identification Number to complete the registration process. This account is an easy way to keep a track of your plans and policies. You can make online payments for your premiums and check the status of your policy through your personal account.

About John Hancock USA

John Hancock USA is an insurance company in United States. It was established in the year 1862. It was named after John Hancock who was a well known patriot. Its headquarters is located in Boston, Massachusetts. In the year 2004, the company was acquired by Manulife Financial which is a Canadian insurance company. John Hancock USA offers pension products and life insurance policies. The company markets a wide range of investment products and it helps the clients in avoiding risks and maximizing their returns. The company has excellent ratings and is well known for its superior customer care services. The customers can access their account through an online portal and view their retirement plans and investment status.

Client Registration & Login To John Hancock Pensions Website

For getting a John Hancock USA – Account Login you need to register with their official website. Follow the steps mentioned below to complete the registration process.

  • Visit the pension’s website of John Hancock USA
  • On their home page you will be able to see a login section. This is for members who have already registered their accounts. To the bottom left corner you will be able to see an option that says, “Register.” You should click on this option to begin with your registration.
  • Once you click on registration you will be venturing onto a new page. This page provides information on how to register your account. Accordingly, you should provide your contract number to start with your account registration. You can get this number from the quarterly statement issued by the company.
  • In the next stage you should enter a username and password.
  • Next, you should activate your account by providing your Personal Identification Number. This would conclude your registration process.