Sign Up For A Free Account At has always been proactive in making its readers’ reading and learning experiences interactive and engaging. To facilitate conversations and opinion sharing on their articles, and encourage readers to share their own creative blogs, KSL provides an exclusive feature of a free sign up after which, the readers can enjoy the member-only benefits. Moreover, the process has been made such that it is easy and fast, and can be done anytime anywhere as per each reader’s convenience.

The sign up form is not at all a tedious one. All it requires is a few details of the readers e.g. their name, mailing address, email address etc and within just a few minutes the account is ready to use. Not only is KSL an ideal website for bloggers and readers, but with this feature, it adds on even more to the already enriched learning experience.

About is one of the many websites that come under Deseret Digital Media. Deseret Digital Media is a relatively new company founded in 2009, based in the United States, and is a subsidiary of Deseret Management Corporation.

At, many features and tabs cater to a wide variety of news and happenings from across the world. From Sports, Politics, Weather to Science, Gadgets, and Religion, everything can be found under this one website. Also, with their own TV and radio links, the website has more to offer than just a good reading experience.

How to sign up for an exclusive free KSL account?


  1. You will need a computer with active internet connection

  2. You will need a working and valid email address

Step-by-step guide

  1. Go to KSL’s official website

  2. Click on “Login”

  3. Enter the required details. You will first need to enter your email address and confirm it. Then, you will need to create a password for your account and re-enter it to confirm it. Next, you will be asked to enter your name, address, phone number and date of birth in boxes given.

  4. You will choose your gender and then click on the button “Create New Account”

  5. The instructions thereafter will guide you till the end of the process.

  6. In case of any queries, please visit

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