Aflac Agent Login

Aflac is renowned Fortune 500 insurance company  that has over fifty million customers worldwide and assets that total above $100bn and revenues are higher than $25bn. It is considered to be the number one insurance company in the category of individual policies in force in countries like Japan. The insurance company has its presence in all states of the US as well as in the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. The company has a strong team of agents and independent sales associates who are committed to serving the customers with sustainable business practices.

Like many Insurance companies Aflac have not only developed a feature packed online portal for their customers who need to gain information about the different policies, make online payments and so forth. They have also created a secure websites for their registered insurance agents to gain access to policy information and manage their work schedules.

Alfac Agent Login Instructions

When you are an agent at Aflac, you will be able to access your account to conduct a number of transactions online. The process is described below:

Log onto the official site of where you will find login link at the top panel of the main page on the right hand side. The drop down list for login offers further classification among customers, distributor, agents and others

Register to Become An Alfac Agent
If you are an agent or wish to be one, you need to go to the agent registration page here and complete the application from which requires your personal details. Upon filling in the pop up form and other necessary steps, you will be assigned an email address at Aflac portal. You need to visit the secure login page as per the link below to sign in using your username and password.

For an insurance company like Aflac, it is necessary to provide a secure portal for all such parties to access important information relevant to the policies they own or sell. At the same time, a web based portal service is convenient for the agents, customers, distributors, associates and management of the company. When one comes to the secure log in portal of Aflac, they need to confirm to the terms and conditions and follow the terms of signing in as per their role.