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MyGreatLakes service is provided by the Great Lakes Higher Education Corporation. Whether you are a current student or a former one you can easily manage your loans by logging in to your account via the Great Lakes website. Parents can also get to help their children pay their loans by visiting the site. Once you create an account via the MyGreatLakes you can easily make or schedule your loan payments and also view the details of your loan.

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About Great Lakes Higher Education Corporation

The Great Lakes Higher Education Corporation is one of the largest corporations that focus on providing students loans. This is a non- profit corporation whose headquarters are in Madison. The corporation seeks to provide parents and students with the opportunity of getting a higher education by giving them students loans. The Corporations helps students to borrow the money responsibly. They also help the student to choose the perfect payment schedule that will work for them.

One thing that you have to understand is that the Great Lakes Corporation does not in any way make the loan. The United States of Education is responsible for providing and managing the students’ loans. To get started;

  • You will have to fill and complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. After completing the application you will be required to submit the application to the United States Department of Education.
  • The Education will then process the information you have provided. You will receive information about the award qualification from the Education Department. The information will also be sent to your school.
  • Your school with then send you information on the available aids and which one you are eligible to apply.
  • You will be required to review the information provided and accept the aid that you will need
  • After that, you will be required to complete the Online Mater Promissory form that is provided by the Department of Education. The form gives you the terms of the loan and your responsibilities as the borrower
  • The Education Department will then process your loan and send it to your school
  • The Education Department will then assign you a student loan servicer (the Great Lakes) to manage your loan. This is usually done after the first disbursement of the loan.

How To Log In: Go to MyGreatLakes website www.mygreatlakes.org and once the page opens, at the left hand side of the page, enter your student ID before clicking the login button.

Useful Info

Official Great Lakes Higher Education Corporation website link : https://home.mygreatlakes.org

Student Loan Helpline: (800) 236-4300

Postal Address:

Great Lakes
PO Box 7860
Madison, WI 53707-7860