Find Or Become A Thirty One Consultant

The accessories business is booming these days and many women would be more than happy to enter this field of business if they had the opportunity to. Having your own successful business and being your own boss is something that most people dream of. If you’re a woman and an accessory enthusiast, you can apply for a consultants position at Thirty-One Gifts to start working with accessories and other thing’s you are good at.

This is an organization that was formed to help women find ways to earn from home. Women, who are interested in the sale of fashion accessories and home style products, can find a way of making a living out of the same. There are several opportunities to find sales parties as well as to become a consultant and be a part of this esteemed organization.

About Thirty One

Thirty One organization that belongs to the direct selling association in the US. Formed 10 years ago, it is a recognized brand that is gaining recognition everyday through its consultants and clients. Not only does it sell accessories for those who are interested in buying, but it also gives people a chance to join the consultancy team or even find a good consultant for themselves to get advice related to accessories. Consultants hired by Thirty-One are responsible for selling the company’s gift products directly to people. Those hired by the business are provided with training, a consultant kit and a mentor to guide them every step of the way. The organization allows women consultants the flexibility to work from home and to become business owners in their own right. At the same time, women get to do what they love to do – party and get lovely fashion accessories. The consultants are sponsored in these activities in order to sell the items of the associated brands.

How to Become a Consultant at Thirty-One Gifts

The first step is to visit Thirty-One’s official website at and then click on the “Become a Consultant” tab on the top.  The page that loads will provide you with the information you need, which basically recommends that you talk to your consultant to learn how to become a part of the team, join and then get your enrollment kit . If you know a consultant’s name, you can click on the “Locate My Consultant” button. You will be able to search for the consultant through their ID number and name. If you do not have a name in mind, click on the “Find a Consultant” button. You will be directed to an application form, in which you will need to fill in your full name, address, zip code and email address before submitting it. After submission, your consultant will get in touch with you on her own.

How To Search For Thirty One Consultants In Your Area

The consultant portal allows you to find a My Thirty One consultant in your area. There are simple steps to follow to gain access to such information. You just need to visit and click the pink button saying ‘I need a consultant’. In the form that expands out fill out your contact details and address so you can be matched with a Thirty One consultant close by. Once this information is provided, you will be connected to My Thirty One consultants in your area. This website also includes all the information you need to host a party and become a Thirty One consultant yourself.  

Not many companies sell products by hosting parties at homes. Kitty parties are turned into business opportunities by this company. They have a unique selling proposition which is taken up by certain consumer and household brands. From brands like Tupperware to handbag brands, they find the company’s direct selling method beneficial in order to promote as well as get their goods across to the targeted customers. Thirty One Gifts started off as a seller of totes, handbags and other accessories for women. It is a Columbus manufacturer and the company has completed its tenth anniversary as well. There are other direct selling brands and it is listed as the third company in the party selling arena. Women are mostly recruited as consultants who are provided training by existing consultants and support is given through the online portal.

Useful Info

Customer service number: 1-866-GIFTS31

Office address: 3425 Morse Crossing, Columbus, OH 43219