Claim New Jersey Unemployment Benefits Online

Unemployment is an issue that many countries face which has only got worse during the recent financial crisis which has brought in higher unemployment in many countries. It is tough to meet the different requirements as well as challenges in today’s life. When you are a resident of the state of New Jersey you can seek help from the labor and workforce development department in the state. This department offers opportunities for people to apply for unemployment benefits. At the same time the compensation is provided within a short period of time. Benefits and funds can be obtained through unemployment claims to this department.

About The New Jersey  Dept For Work & Labor Unemployment Insurance Benefits Office

The state of New Jersey has several benefits and services provided for by the federal government and these benefits are offered to students, workers, job seekers, laborers and business operators. The department of labor and workforce development has a convenient system for its applicants to make claims online. Many people are looking for jobs and may be still unemployed. They can avail of this opportunity. Benefits are received from the state after claim requirements are filled out.


  • One needs to be a legal resident in the state of New Jersey.
  • One needs to have a social security number and information regarding unemployment.

Step By Step Guide For Unemployment Benefits Claim

  • One needs to visit the site which is for filing unemployment claims.
  • When the home page appears, one should click on the button stating “File an Unemployment Claim.
  • The instruction laid out should be read through carefully and then one should click on “File a claim” button.
  • The options “yes” or “no” need to be opted for in order to receive an online account to receive the unemployment benefits.
  • If one has an account one should affirm the same.
  • When such an account is not present, it can be easily formed by providing personal information, contact number and email address in the fields provided.
  • Online user ID and password needs to be created for the sign in.
  • Instruction provided should be followed in order to fill the claim.
  • One needs to provide proof of their being a citizen of US.
  • The social security number and bank account number has to be provided.
  • One should enter their full name, country, zip code and address in the fields required.
  • Correct phone number should be provided.
  • Driving license and photo identification card number has to be given

When one is proven to qualify for such benefits, it will be credited to one’s bank account directly. This website provides unemployment benefits to the state residents in an easy and convenient manner.

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