Claim Kentucky Unemployment Benefits Online

The state of Kentucky has a convenient system in place to file for unemployment benefits and other programs that are provided for assistance for unemployed people. The Emergency Unemployment Compensations program had been implemented till December 2013. There is a provision to claim unemployment insurance. All details are listed on this site as well as links can be found to file for unemployment benefits online.

About Kentucky Office Of Employment And Training

The Kentucky Office of Employment and Training belongs to the Department of Workforce Investment. The Office of Employment and Training provides services related to jobs in the state, unemployment insurance benefits, training opportunities, labor market information and related services. The job services are for matching workers with skills and experiences with the jobs available in the state as posted by the numerous employers. There are jobs, which are locally sourced, statewide as well as national level jobs posted on this site. The unemployment insurance is a service that is extended to those, who are unemployed without any fault of their own. The residents of the state can find the labor market information to stay abreast of the current job trends and find information related to training opportunities as well.

How To Claim Unemployment Benefits In Kentucky State

This site offers the residents of the state to claim the unemployment benefits online. The process is as follows:

  • The claimant needs to log onto the official site
  • Here, he or she will find links on the right hand side to claim unemployment benefits online
  • The claimant needs to note the time of the link for the claims to be working to file such claims online
  • In order to seek claims, the claimant should have his or her social security number ready
  • Related job or employment information to be kept handy apart from personal contact information
  • The details of the employers with whom the claimant has worked in the last 18 months needs to be provided
  • The claimant needs to mention the day of joining and leaving each job that he or she has held during the last 18 months

The system allows claimants to place their claims through this electronic system from Monday to Friday and even on Sunday for certain hours. These hours should be noted online. A claimant can even place a request for bi-weekly check in this online system.

Useful Links:

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