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If you have family members or friends who are incarcerated, it can be a difficult task to maintain contact with them. There are several formalities that you need to abide by and it can be frustrating. When you need to drive to the facility often, it can lead to considerable transportation costs. You can opt for the services of This site will allow you to connect with family members or friends in prison in a secured manner which is permitted by the authorities. By opening an account on, you will be able to manage your telephone account with convenience. You simply need to make a deposit in the online account as well as deposit money into the commissary account of your friends or family member in prison.

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The is an independent services portal. It is a subsidiary of Global TelLink. The product line of OffenderConnect includes accounting and payment solutions for the inmate friends and family members. This online portal offers multiple and independent accounts through AdvancePay option. GTL telephone accounts as well as inmate trust accounts can be operated through this online portal. The inmate trust accounts can be accessed through this online portal only in states where such facilities are provided to the prison inmates.

How To Access Offender Connect Login And Sign Up

You need to find out whether the facility where your family member or friend is incarcerated allows an inmate trust account or GTL telephone account to be accessed. The website allows you to create a GTL telephone account for any inmate in approved facilities, even if they had not attempted to contact you. In case such a facility is made available to the inmates, you can follow the steps mentioned below to create an online account at Offender Connect:

  • There are four stages involved in opening up an account, the first step is to agree to the terms and conditions
  • Once the terms and conditions are agreed upon, you need to provide your personal details like name, address and email address
  • The next step would be that of facility setup
  • Once the right instructions are followed, you will need to verify the account
  • Upon successful verification, you will receive a confirmation that your account has been activated

There are several ways to fund the account and leave messages for your friends or family members who are incarcerated through this account.

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