Order Licence Plates From Ohio Bureau Of Motor Vehicles (BMV)

The Ohio state’s motor vehicle department has a comprehensive portal for the state residents. On this site there are related online tools and easy platforms provided for renewing vehicle registration, reinstatement fees payment, replacement request for registration plates, applying for address change and so forth.

How To Create Online Login Access

When you are on the site of Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles, you will find the process of creating an online account an easy one:

  • Log onto the internet through a secure web browser and go to the Ohio’s Bureau of Motor Vehicles website www.oplates.com.
  • The home page has several services listed such as vehicle registration, license renewal and others displayed as links.
  • In order to order new licence plates with a different design you can click on ‘Special Plates – Check Availability’ on the bottom left to check out different designs. Click ‘Exchange Plates’ to request new plates.
  • Before you can register your vehicle or license number online you need to read through the terms and agree to abide by them. You need to be the legal owner of the vehicle, be applying for its registration renewal within 90 days of expiry, ensure that the name and address details are correct and that you have a valid social security number and a credit card number before you proceed
  • Once these details are correct, your online registration and request for vehicle registration renewal and other services will be done as per the timelines mentioned.
  • You can pay by Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and Electronic Checks.

About Ohio Bureau Of Motor Vehicles

The online sytem of the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles is called OPLATES. This site allows you to renew your vehicle registration numbers or even purchase specialty plates. You can order in driver abstracts, change your address as well as pay reinstatement fees online. There are useful links to view the fee for registration, find a deputy registrar in your county and so forth. For all this, the site allows the citizens of Ohio to apply for an online login access. Once you have registered yourself on this site, you can easily access any of these services and complete your request of payments in minutes.

Useful Links:

Customer service number: 1-866-868-0006

Call Center Local Number: 1-614-995-9036