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When you apply for a job, it is always asked in the interview, “tell me something about yourself”. What do you usually answer? “I am responsible and dedicated, I am blah, blah, blah. Yes, your interviewer might buy it but would you? Of course you would if you have been making yourself accessible to life’s perks – happiness, beauty, health, and everything. Taking care of yourself is very necessary for you to even take care of others.

The Self Magazine, as it speaks for its name, provides women readers the tips on how to take care of one’s self. Women who get married and have children usually do not have time anymore for themselves. And Self believes that women of any age are entitled to enhance themselves in any way possible. The magazine specializes in fitness, health, proper nutrition, happiness, beauty, good lifestyle, and everything that a self can do. It is always good to be at your best always. And this is what Self’s goal for the women out there.

About Self Magazine

The Self Magazine started to provide women tips about self-preservation as early as January 1979. It is an American magazine that was first found by Phyllis Star Wilson and was made public to give highlight to the extraordinary energy and spirit of women today. It is centred towards giving instructions and experiences to uplift every woman’s worth. The first issue was $1.50 or was made into $10 per yearly subscription. Cheap, right? And even until now, they still offer the same rate for yearly subscription. It just proves that Self Magazine emphasizes the fact that you do not have to spend much to have your best self.

How to Subscribe for $10 Per Year

Subscribing is very cheap and easy. You will just need:

  1. A computer with a stable internet connection
  2. Debit/credit card

Then, follow these instructions:

  1. Open up a browser and log on to
  2. At the topmost left corner of the page, you will see SUBSCRIBE tab then click it.
  3. Choose your subscription deal.
  4. Enter some personal mailing information and email address.
  5. Choose your payment method. If you prefer that you will be billed through email, then tick on Bill Me Later.
  6. Review all information and then click on the ORDER NOW tab.

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