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Online gaming has become very popular amongst teenagers and other people. It has become one of the primary ways people entertain themselves over the internet, apart from using social networks. Although there are games available on social networks, people still turn to online gaming sites to play some of their favourite games. Some sites require you to sign up in order to play, while others require you to purchase a game or membership in order to start playing. Most sites do not require any such purchases and players are allowed to play without going through any registration process.


The website was designed in 1998 and has been providing players with the ultimate gaming experience ever since. It became a part of the MTV Networks in the year of 2006. The website has over 1800 games for players to choose from in different categories. People are allowed to choose the games that interest them and can start playing them directly. There are new games added to the collection on a weekly basis. Not only can people play games online, but can also download games from the website. It is online 24/7 for people to access. The site also has the Shockwave UNLIMITED membership for those who are more serious and regular gamers and they are allowed to play exclusive games and download exclusive content for a small fee per month. The site promises to offer something for everyone who needs a little entertainment for the everyday boredom.

How to Play Free Flash Games at

You will need to be connected to the internet in order to play games through the site. You should also have Flash installed so that the games can run on your computer.


  1. You will first need to log onto the site in order to start playing. The site is
  2. You will arrive at the homepage of the gaming website. You can browse through the library of games that is open to you. You can select from the categories displayed at the top of the page until you find a game that you are interested in playing. Click on the thumbnail of the game to start playing.
  3. You will arrive at the game page. You can go through the instructions of the game by clicking on the “Game instructions” tab. You can start playing once the game loads.

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