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State Farm Insurance online gives you insurance policies that you can take advantage of right away. They offer several insurance policies including auto, home, renters, condo, motorcycle, life, banking and many more. You can also access State Farm Bank from their website which can give you services like checking accounts, savings accounts, credit cards, car loans, home mortgages and many more.

About is an insurance company which is based in Bloomington, Illinois. The chairman and CEO is currently Edward B. Rust Jr. State Farm is a mutual company with many policyholder members. They insure more cars and homes than any other insurer in the US. They are also one of the leading insurers in Canada. They are ranked number 43 on the Fortune 500 list of largest companies. They have 65,000 employees and has 17,800 agents working for them which makes them one, big insurance company.

How to Register State Farm Insurance Online

  1. You can find the registration link for members on the top right of their website ( or you can just click this link which will take you straight to their registration form:
  2. First you should choose the state you are going to have the product issued for. It will update the product type list depending on which state you chose. Choose the product type afterwards from the list.
  3. Next part is to fill up your personal information so that they can register it for records. It is just the usual basic personal information so you do not have to worry and be sure to have an email address ready.
  4. Next you will have to create your login ID for your account which is for you to use when you log in your account after registration processes.
  5. Lastly you will have to fill out the security Q and A steps. This is done so that your insurance policies will be safe and sound without anybody tampering it for them to take advantage of. Prepare unique questions and answers that you can answer alone.
  6. After that, you are done! You are now a member of the State Farm Insurance.

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