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The Target Giftcards can be used in place of money or credit cards to purchase any item you need from (Please be aware they can only be used at, Target iPhone or Target stores). The only limit to their usage is if your balance gets to zero dollars. In this case, you will be required to either use your credit card or pay cash. For any Target Giftcard holder, there are three ways in which you can check your balance; through the internet, internet-enabled phone or at any Target store.

There are many benefits that come with Target Giftcards. One of these benefits is the convenience they present. As a client, you can buy one and have it sent to a friend or loved one as a gift. The gift you choose is normally sent through standard delivery. This takes about 24 hours they get it within 5 or 8 days. However, this duration can be shortened depending on the urgency.


Target Corporation started its operations as Dayton Dry Goods back in 1902. It is a discount retailer based in the United States and it is second in size. It has had other accolades along the way. One such is the inclusion in the prestigious Fortune 500 companies.  Since its inception, it has continued to advance in its growth. It is currently present in over 1760 locations not only in the United States but also in Canada. Target store deals in a wide range of products such as hardware supplies, bedding and electronics among many others.

How you can Shop Target Giftcards Online

In order to shop Target Giftcards online, you require the following:

  • A computer that is connected to the internet
  • Recipient’s information to facilitate direct delivery
  • Online payment which entails an online bank account.

After meeting the requirements, the following steps need to be adhered to:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “GiftCards”. This link will be somewhere on the top of the page.
  3. This will take you to another page where you will see a shop category displayed on the left hand side column on the page. You will have the option of choosing between Target GiftCards or Specialty GiftCards. Click on “Target GiftCards”.
  4. The next page gives you a number of designs for you to choose your preference. Click on your desired choice.
  5. Give the balance amount you want to be on the card and check on “mail” in the send gift by option. This step requires you to choose the quantity that is okay with you. After you are done, select “Add to card”.
  6. “Check out” after this and make your payment.

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