Do The Tell Subway Survey – Get A Free Cookie

Subway restaurants are always looking for ways to improve their food, drink and customer services so like most large restaurant chains they often ask their customers to complete their customer satisfaction survey. The subway survey is a simple multi choice online survey that can be completed on their website in only a few minutes. The understand most people are not likely to take the time to do the survey without any incentive so they offer a free cookie to everyone who takes it which is a nice reward for a few minutes work.

The only requirement for undertaking the survey is that you will need to have a receipt from Subway and you are over 18 years old. If you are interested in doing more restaurant surveys check out the survey and Pizza Hut survey which both offer rewards.

How To Take The Tell Subway Online Survey At

It is very easy to participate in the Subway survey as all you need is a receipt from subway that is less than 30 days only.  The survey can only be undertaken by people who are 18 years and above.

To take the survey go to the official survey survey website and  enter the subway store ID that is usually located on top of the receipt but there is help on their site if you can not find it.  Once you have entered the store ID click submit and then complete the short online survey by answering your questions as honestly as possible and then click on submit.

The questions are easy to complete as they are multiple choices. Once you have done that enter your email address. Ensure that you enter a valid email address as they will send the unique code for getting the free cookie to that email address and that is probably the only reason who took the time to give your feedback anyway. FAQs 

1. Why is the he Host Order ID I’m entering in not being accepted. ?

The Host Order ID should be typed in exactly as shown on your receipt (only enter in the numbers and dashes only). If you paid by cash please choose the caash option and enter receipt or transaction number from receipt.

2. I didn’t get the email containing my “Thank You” reward code – where can I find it?

If it is not in your inbox please check your junk box. You should also check your your email software to allow emails from “”. If the email is not in your inbox or junk box, click here to send an email to customer support and request a copy of your “Thank You” email.

3. What do I need to do to take a survey?

You’ll need a valid, legible purchase receipt from a SUBWAY Restaurant, and a valid email address.

4. How often can I take a survey?

You can take a maximum of one Subway survey per day per customer.

5. Can I just print out the coupon and bring it to the store to get my “Thank You” reward?

Unfortunately not – please write the unique coupon code found in the email in the space provided on your receipt.

About Subway

Subway is an American fast food restaurant that was started in 1965 by Fred DeLuca. The first Subway store was open in Connecticut in 1965, ten years later the franchise had grown from one restaurant to 32 stores. When the franchise was started it was known as Pete super submarines, the name was later changed Subway in 1968. Subway is the largest sandwich chain in the world with over 40,000 restaurants in different locations. In January 1st 2014, the franchise was reported to be in more than 105 countries in the world. The restaurants is known for their submarine sandwiches and salads, however they have other products like roasted chicken, tuna, wraps, cookies, donuts, muffins just to mention a few.