Apply Online For Texas Health Care Benefits

Times are tough for many people through the US and different State’s have come up with different social and economic solutions to help. In Texas teh local government has come up with different plans to assist those who are having difficulty accessing food and other basic needs after they have paid for their bills.

That is the reason why the Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) introduced a program that is geared to provide benefits to these people to support them on their day to day life. These benefits include SNAP food benefits (food stamps), health-care benefits (Medicaid and CHIP), cash help for families (TANF). medicare savings programs and long-term care. Only certain individuials and families are eligible but you can find out if you qualify by checking their website and following our instructions below.

Are You Eligible For The Benefits?

Before you can apply for the benefits that are offered you will have to fall into either of these two groups;

  • Persons with a current balance (this is the combination of your savings and checking balance) that is under $2,001
  • Persons with a current balance under $3,001 and share their household with person(s) who are aged 60 years and above or persons with disability

The benefits depend on certain situations and also follow certain criteria which include; your citizenship, residence, employment services, work requirement, income, resources and Social Security Number.You are required to provide information about you and your family, the money you get and the bills you pay before you can apply for the benefits.

How To Log In To Your Texas Benefits Account

  • Go to and once home page opens, click on ‘You need to log in’ option. Once the pop up opens enter in your username and password before clicking login.

About The Texas Health And Human Services Commission Benefits

The HHSC benefits are meant to help the many families that reside in Texas meet their daily needs. The Texas Health and Human Services Commission is a Texas state agency that has the responsibility of overseeing the different services that deal with Health and Human services. There are several departments that are linked to this commission; Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services, Texas Department of Family and Protective services, Texas Department of State Health Services and the Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services.

Useful Links

Official Texas benefits log in link:

Official HHSC website: